Hydrocephalus and Independence

By JennBechard / May 4, 2021

By Madeleine Darowiche, HA Volunteer So, you’re considering living on your own for the first time, but you have hydrocephalus and question if it’s possible? You’ve come to the right…

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How to Reconnect and Trust your Body

By JennBechard / April 29, 2021

In this blog, Bethany Holmes, Certified Integrative Health Coach, and Reiki Practitioner discusses how to reconnect, trust, love, and heal your body after trauma.

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Thriving with NPH – Dorothy Sorlie’s Story

By JennBechard / January 25, 2021

Dorothy’s goal is to help others find an accurate NPH diagnosis and treatment to avoid what she, and so many, have experienced.

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Thriving with NPH – Gary Chaffee’s Story

By JennBechard / January 21, 2021

Gary has been living with NPH for over 40 years. He hopes the information he offers is helpful to someone that is just learning about the condition.

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Two Sisters, Two Brain Disorders, 36 Brain Surgeries

By Natalia Martinez Duncan / October 14, 2020

St. Louis family fights for a cure for leading cause of brain surgery in children Sisters Stephanie (Buffa) Vogt and Sarah Buffa have the same color hair, the same love…

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Sophia Gigante: Finding Strength from Within

By Natalia Martinez Duncan / July 31, 2020

Born with hydrocephalus and later developing hypotonia, Sophia Gigante was tired of hearing doctors tell her no. But at age 16, a trip to the gym changed everything and she soon realized there wasn’t much she couldn’t do.

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Dorothy Sorlie: A Teacher’s Unbreakable Spirit

By Natalia Martinez Duncan / July 21, 2020

Dorothy Sorlie spent months suffering with debilitating symptoms until finally being diagnosed with NPH. Now she educates others about this little-known condition.

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Scout O’Donnell: Using Fashion to Help Others Heal

By Natalia Martinez Duncan / February 14, 2020

After being diagnosed with hydrocephalus at 18, Scout O’Donnell found a way to combine her two passions — fashion and finding a cure for hydrocephalus.

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New Ask the Expert Video Series for Adults Living with Hydrocephalus

By Natalia Martinez Duncan / January 2, 2020

Check out our latest Ask the Expert Video Series developed specifically for adults living with hydrocephalus. The series answers some of the most common questions we receive to our support line.

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High School Student Educates Others about Hydrocephalus

By Natalia Martinez Duncan / January 2, 2020

Mauryce Thomas organized an event in Mobile, AL to educate his community about hydrocephalus. The event raised awareness and $1,320 to support HA’s mission!

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Two Sons, Two Brain Disorders, 18 Brain Surgeries

By Natalia Martinez Duncan / September 12, 2019

Houston family hopes to raise money for a cure at the WALK to End Hydrocephalus on Sept. 21 at Buffalo Bayou Park Brothers Ryder and Kai Bruen not only share…

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HydroWarrior Makes His Car Racing Dreams a Reality

By Natalia Martinez Duncan / September 9, 2019

Mark Dingman has been a NASCAR fan for as long as he can remember. But he never thought he would ever get to drive a race car. That all changed when he discovered the SimPossible Racing League.

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Sevi: A Story of Hope and Brotherly Love

By Natalia Martinez Duncan / August 28, 2019

When Sevi was first diagnosed with hydrocephalus, Tiana and Pete Chavez remember feeling terrified. But their fear quickly turned into a desire to help other children in need.

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Wyatt: Meeting Adversity with Joy

By Natalia Martinez Duncan / July 23, 2019

Wyatt Foster was born with Spina Bifida and hydrocephalus and has already endured six surgeries before turning 3. Despite that, Wyatt brings joy to everyone he meets and pushes himself to achieve his milestones.

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Finding Life’s Purpose Through Hydrocephalus

By Natalia Martinez Duncan / May 31, 2019

James “JT” Thompson developed hydrocephalus as a teen. Little did he know that his experience would help him find his purpose in life.

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Surviving College with the Ups and Downs of Hydrocephalus

By Natalia Martinez Duncan / April 22, 2019

College is an exciting time but can be challenging when you’re living with hydrocephalus. Here are some tips to survive college while managing the ups and downs of hydrocephalus.

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Eau Claire Woman Shares Story In Hopes of Educating Others

By Natalia Martinez Duncan / December 11, 2018

After struggling with a declining interest in activities that she loved, decreasing mobility, and urinary incontinence, Dorothy Sorlie was finally diagnosed with Normal Pressure Hydrocephalus (NPH). A recent article in the Leader-Telegram detailed her journey.

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Post-surgical Depression

By JennBechard / August 8, 2018

You are on the road to recovery after yet another surgery but suddenly you find yourself unable to focus. One minute you are sitting at your computer working and the next thing you know you are thinking back to being in the hospital and suddenly you are overwhelmed by emotion.

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Balance Therapy Tips for NPH Patients

By Ines Schlegel / June 11, 2018

A few months ago, I noticed that my balance was deteriorating so I mentioned it to my GP at my annual physical.  He immediately ordered a CT scan and more Physical Therapy. 

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Exercise Tips for NPH patients

By Ines Schlegel / December 5, 2017

Trish recommends finding an activity to help you challenge both your mind and body and have fun while doing it! Read more about her exercise tips for NPH patients.

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