As Your Child Grows


The journey of raising a child with hydrocephalus may be challenging and we’re committed to providing information to help you make the best decisions, advocate for your child, and connect with other parents.

What You Need to Know

Primary Care Needs of Children with Hydrocephalus

Children with hydrocephalus may have life-long special health care needs that can impact their primary care. It is important that caregivers understand hydrocephalus in order to provide optimal primary health care to these children and their families.

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Social Skills Development in Children with Hydrocephalus

As the first generation of children treated for hydrocephalus mature into adulthood, it has become apparent that some of them will have difficulty developing their social skills. This article talks about those difficulties and suggests tools for overcoming them.

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Learning Disabilities in Children with Hydrocephalus

Learning difficulties are not uncommon in children with hydrocephalus. It is important that parents be aware that their child may be at risk for learning disabilities and be prepared to take early action to assure their child the best social and academic start.

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Sending your Child to Daycare

Sending off a child to daycare is scary on its own. Doing so with a child with hydrocephalus can be even more difficult to handle. We have developed a checklist to help you prepare.

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