Sending your child off to school for the first time can cause fear and anxiety. Preparation is key. The following resources are intended to guide and help you manage your child's school and hydrocephalus.

What You Need to Know

Resources for Teachers

Teachers are critical team members in the growth and development of your child and adolescent. However, many teachers may not have heard of hydrocephalus nor how it can impact children in the classroom. These downloadable resources are tools to not only educate teachers but to also begin an open dialogue on how to best support your child on their educational journey.

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Learning Disabilities in Children with Hydrocephalus

Learning difficulties are not uncommon in children with hydrocephalus. It is important that parents be aware that their child may be at risk for learning disabilities and be prepared to take early action to assure their child the best social and academic start.

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Individualized Education Program (IEP): Communication Skills for Parents

Parents often need guidelines for communicating effectively with professionals to ensure the best programs for their children. This fact sheet provides information on developing and maintaining good communication between parents and school personnel to aid parents in becoming more effective advocates for their child.

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Health Challenges and School

Hydrocephalus, as well as the other medical conditions that can accompany it, can have an impact on a child’s ability to participate fully in school (emotionally, cognitively, and/or physically), be it on a given day or in general. As parents, we know our children best, so assisting the educational team in understanding how some of these other issues can impact your child will allow them to create a holistic approach to supporting them during the school day and throughout the year.

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Back to School Checklist

Back to school time can be an exciting yet stressful time for parents and kids alike. Gain tips for starting the school year on the right foot.

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Learning Challenges Posed by Hydrocephalus: Maximizing Your Child's Learning Potential in the Classroom

This presentation explores how hydrocephalus impacts the brain and its ability to process and hold information. Dr. Andrew Zabel discusses the learning challenges most commonly confronted by children with hydrocephalus at various ages and stages of their education. This presentation was given at the Hydrocephalus Association 2018 National Conference on Hydrocephalus, HA CONNECT. T. Andrew Zabel, PhD, ABPP.

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Through a Mother's Eyes: School and Hydrocephalus

In this installment of our video blog series, Debby Buffa offers tips and suggestions on how to prepare yourself and your child's educational team for the school.

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My Thoughts for Teachers!

Sarah Kell, an adult living with hydrocephalus, offers thoughts for teachers when working with a child with hydrocephalus.

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The Benefits of Informing Your Child’s School About Their Hydrocephalus

Informing your child's school about their condition(s) is important, whether they have physical or learning disabilities or not. Read these tips to ensure that you're prepared when talking to the school and so that you know who you should meet with.

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Bullying and Hydrocephalus

Children with chronic conditions such as hydrocephalus are sometimes more likely to be bullied than those without.

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