Hydrocephalus is relentless. So are we.

"It may not always be easy and brain surgery is often part of life, but hydrocephalus should not have to define you."
— Alex Rodger


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Learn how to manage the day to day symptoms and challenges you might encounter on your journey with hydrocephalus.


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No one should experience hydrocephalus alone. Our community of patients and caregivers is there for you so you can connect, share life experiences, and find hope.

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We come together in so many ways — all of us driven by a passion to find a cure and improve the lives of those impacted by hydrocephalus. Whether you participate in a WALK to End Hydrocephalus or join our advocacy efforts, you’re making a difference!

Help us find a cure for hydrocephalus by participating in a WALK to End Hydrocephalus in your area!

Researchers need input from people living with hydrocephalus in order to ask the right questions and develop treatments.

The best advocates are patients, family members, medical caregivers, and others who are directly affected by the condition.

Raise awareness about hydrocephalus and look great doing it!

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