HA is your trusted source for information at every stage of life. We offer resources that provide life-changing support to people living with hydrocephalus and their loved ones -- from educational booklets and articles to webinars and videos.

Find a Doctor

To help you in the process of building your healthcare team, HA has developed the Physician Directory. This first-ever physician finder tool allows you to search by location, specialist, and/or age served.

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We are pleased to offer educational webinars to help you stay informed and current on the latest news surrounding hydrocephalus. These interactive, free webinars are designed to educate our community on a variety of topics which include normal pressure hydrocephalus (NPH), research, shunt technology, and more.

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Ask the Expert Video Series

The Hydrocephalus Association's "Ask the Expert" video series brings individuals living with hydrocephalus and loved ones direct access to professionals who can answer commonly asked questions.

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With help from an adult neurologist, a pediatric neurosurgeon, and a medical app developer, the Hydrocephalus Association developed the first mobile app that allows you to take your entire hydrocephalus treatment history with you on your smartphone. HydroAssist® is the first mobile app that allows you to record and store your hydrocephalus treatment history and access it when you need it from your mobile device.

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Stay informed about the latest initiatives and events taking place at the Hydrocephalus Association and learn about new hydrocephalus research, education, and support efforts. Sign up for the Hydrocephalus Association monthly electronic newsletter, Pathways!

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Stories from our Community

Hydrocephalus knows no boundaries. You can be born with it, acquire it, or develop it as part of the aging process. We experience different symptoms and we encounter various challenges and obstacles throughout our lives. Everyone has a unique story to tell. Our community is brave, resilient, and inspiring. Read stories from individuals living with hydrocephalus and their loved ones and share them with your friends and family.

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COVID-19 Guidance for People Living with Hydrocephalus

We know that the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic is causing concern and raising questions. To help you navigate, here you'll find information and recommendations.

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Visit our blog, with updates about our research and advocacy efforts, inspiring stories about people in the hydrocephalus community, and important announcements.

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We offer educational videos to help you gain a better understanding of the condition and learn strategies for living well with hydrocephalus. Our videos include interviews with medical professionals and other experts and highlight stories of people living with hydrocephalus.

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