Take an active role in supporting our mission and connect with others impacted by hydrocephalus. Explore the many ways you can get involved!

There Are So Many Ways to Get Involved!


The Hydrocephalus Association (HA) is dedicated to finding a cure for hydrocephalus and improving the lives of the more than 1 million Americans living with the condition. But we can’t do it alone. We need your help to provide quality support and education services to hydrocephalus patients and caregivers in need of advice and knowledge, and to fund innovative research into ways to prevent and cure hydrocephalus and improve treatment options. There are so many ways you can help support our mission!

Become a Volunteer

Are you passionate about finding a cure for hydrocephalus and helping families impacted by hydrocephalus? Fuel your passion by volunteering with the Hydrocephalus Association! There are a number of ways you can volunteer your time to help us achieve our mission, no matter where you’re located or how much time you have to give.

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Join the Hydrocephalus Patient Registry

Over 800 individuals have joined HAPPIER, the nation's first Hydrocephalus Patient-Powered Registry. HAPPIER was created for patients and caregivers to provide input about how hydrocephalus impacts their daily life. The information collected will help paint a clearer picture of the condition and inform critical research.

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Download HydroAssist® Mobile App

Now you can take your entire hydrocephalus treatment history with you on your mobile device! HydroAssist® is the first mobile app that allows you to record and store your hydrocephalus treatment history and access it when you need it from your mobile device or through your computer or laptop. Perfect for the individual living with hydrocephalus and the caregiver.

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Find a Community Network

It’s important to know that you’re not alone as you deal with hydrocephalus. Get connected to others impacted by hydrocephalus by joining one of the Hydrocephalus Association’s over 42 Community Networks. Community Networks provide localized support, education, and empowerment, hosting educational events, support group meetings, and other gatherings.

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Find a Local Event

We host over 40 WALKs to End Hydrocephalus and other community-based events across the country throughout the year. Join us at one of our local events and meet other individuals living with hydrocephalus and their loved ones.

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Share Your Story of Hope

Hydrocephalus affects everyone differently. Regardless of how you developed the condition, your story matters! Share your story of hope with the Hydrocephalus Association! Help us prove that people living with hydrocephalus are thriving despite the challenges of the condition, and give hope to others who are just starting their journey. Submit your story so we can feature it on our website!

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Help Raise Awareness

While hydrocephalus affects over 1 million Americans, it still remains relatively unknown among the general public. Help change that by raising awareness about hydrocephalus on social media. Use your social media channels to educate friends, family and your followers. We’ve put together several helpful tools to get you started!

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Connect with Us

Join our growing community on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn and engage with people from all over the world! Like, subscribe, and follow us to keep up with the latest hydrocephalus research news, events, inspirational stories, and more.

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