Brainy Camps and Camp Headstrong are Back This Year!

By Natalia Martinez Duncan / March 16, 2022

The camp’s mission is to help campers form friendships, become responsible leaders, and develop independence and self-reliance.

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Balancing Work, School, and Hydrocephalus

By JennBechard / January 28, 2021

In this blog, Carly shares the important takeaways about what it means to balance parts of your life along with hydrocephalus.

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The Benefits of Informing Your Child’s School about Their Hydrocephalus

By JennBechard / January 20, 2021

Informing your child’s school about hydrocephalus is important. Read these tips to ensure that you’re prepared when talking to the school about your child’s condition.

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High School Student Educates Others about Hydrocephalus

By Natalia Martinez Duncan / January 2, 2020

Mauryce Thomas organized an event in Mobile, AL to educate his community about hydrocephalus. The event raised awareness and $1,320 to support HA’s mission!

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Surviving College with the Ups and Downs of Hydrocephalus

By Natalia Martinez Duncan / April 22, 2019

College is an exciting time but can be challenging when you’re living with hydrocephalus. Here are some tips to survive college while managing the ups and downs of hydrocephalus.

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Choosing The Best College For You

By Ines Schlegel / August 17, 2018

Some of us with Hydrocephalus have the added stress of learning differences. These factors come into play when we start thinking about college. 

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Overcoming Bullying through a Passion for Sports

By Amanda Garzon / February 8, 2016

Bryant found sports to help him get through being bullied because of his hydrocephalus. He challenges us to each find our own passion and let it grow our individual confidence and resilience.

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SAT and ACT Survival Tips

By Amanda Garzon / March 6, 2013

As many young adults in our Teens Take Charge (TTC) program prepare to take their ACTs and SATs, we wanted to take a moment to put your minds at ease with some helpful suggestions, tips and insight from one of your fellow peers, Madeleine Darowiche.

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Teen Voices: Hydrocephalus has Changed My Life

By Amanda Garzon / February 28, 2013

I am amazed at how hydrocephalus has changed my life…but I would not change it. Here is my story. Within weeks of my birth the doctor expressed concerns about the amount of growth of my head. My parents were referred to a neurologist who diagnosed me with communicating hydrocephalus

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Teen Voices: Taking on High School with No Regrets

By Amanda Garzon / January 22, 2013

Starting high school can be tough, especially when you are dealing with a medical condition such as hydrocephalus. Madeleine shares her advice for taking on high school.

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