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Amanda Garzon with advocate for the cure for HydrocephalusThe Hydrocephalus Action Network (HAN) is a grassroots network of volunteers “at the ready” who are willing to take action to help the Hydrocephalus Association advocate on behalf of all those affected by hydrocephalus. The best advocates are individuals living with the condition, family members, medical caregivers, and others who are directly affected by hydrocephalus. Why? Because we are voters and our votes matter. WE NEED YOU!

By joining the Hydrocephalus Action Network, you are indicating your willingness to:

  • Familiarize yourself with issues.
  • Send letters, emails or make phone calls to Congress (or other government offices).
  • Participate in District Days/Advocacy Days at the local, state or federal level.

Other activities/resources for members of the Hydrocephalus Action Network:

  • Special email list for updates on advocacy activities.
  • Special advocacy-focused portal on our web site.
  • Special webinar training.


Please contact the Hydrocephalus Association by telephone at (888) 598-3789 or via email at

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