Managing Day-to-Day Challenges


Living with a chronic neurological condition can make you feel like you face insurmountable challenges daily. A particular characteristic of hydrocephalus is that symptoms and challenges are often invisible to others, which can lead to a feeling of isolation for those living with the condition. But there is hope! We are here to support and guide you and provide trusted, high-quality resources to help lighten the burden so you can live your best life.

What You Need to Know

Traveling with hydrocephalus

Traveling with Hydrocephalus

The ability to travel is important to independence, self-esteem, and lifestyle. With adequate preparation and planning, you can go almost anywhere and do almost anything.

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Employment and Hydrocephalus

Managing demands in the workplace can be quite a challenge for employees living with hydrocephalus. Many question if they can navigate full-time employment while dealing with a chronic condition. However, with the proper management, resources, and support many living with hydrocephalus are able to find and hold down fulfilling jobs and careers. Learn what you need to know about disclosing your condition to your employer, managing pain in the workplace, and more.

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Relationships and hydrocephalus

Relationships and Hydrocephalus

Navigating relationships can be difficult - even more so when complicated by hydrocephalus. Communication and learning strategies to cope and maintain relationships is key.

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