Healthy Living: NPH

Staying healthy, from the inside out, is key to maintaining a good quality of life when living with normal pressure hydrocephalus (NPH). Gain tips and tools to optimize your body and mind so you can live your best life!

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When it comes to healthy living, knowledge is power. Although no one diet, exercise program, or self-care regime can treat NPH, focusing on whole-body wellness for healing, staying active, and eating real foods to fuel your brain and body, can help give you the nutrients and energy you need to feel your best. Here you will learn about lifestyle techniques to help you feel stronger so you can better cope with anxiety and stress, and tips to balance health with social life, work, and everyday responsibilities.

NPH and Emotional Well-Being

Normal pressure hydrocephalus can be overwhelming and emotionally challenging. It is a chronic condition that requires ongoing management, which has an impact on the emotional and mental well being of the person living with the condition as well as their loved ones. Experiencing periods of sadness, grief, or anxiety due to the uncertainty and challenges of the condition is normal, but if these negative emotions don’t fade, depression and persistent anxiety should be treated. We have resources to help you cope and learn to manage your emotional well-being, which is vital to your overall health.

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Staying Active: NPH

Exercise is key for your overall health. Exercise and staying active can provide physical and emotional benefits as well as improve your mood. Learn from what individuals living with NPH are doing to stay active.

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Healthy Eating

Research shows that a balanced diet can contribute to your overall health and help your body work more effectively. Learn more about the importance of healthy foods, diet, and nutrition.

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