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Please view our Frequently Asked Questions below. If you don’t find the answer you’re looking for, need support, or if you have a suggestion for a future enhancement, please email our development team at hydroassist@hydroassoc.org.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can I enter information for more than 1 shunt?
A. Yes, you can. Under Treatments & History, click the ‘+’ in the top right corner next to ACTIVE TREATMENTS to add additional valves.

Q. What if I entered the incorrect information and need to change certain details?
A. Select the treatment from the ‘Active Treatments’ section. Then click the ‘Edit’ button at the bottom of the screen. Choose ‘Edit Original Treatment.’

Q. If I need to change the shunt setting or anti-siphon device (ASD) setting, do I need to delete the active treatment and enter it again? Or add an entirely new treatment?
A. No. You can change programmable shunt or ASD settings by selecting the treatment under ‘Active Treatments,’ click the Edit button at the bottom of the screen, and choose either ‘Add Setting Change’ for a shunt setting change or ‘Add ASD Change’ for an adjustment to the ASD settings. Please note that only the ProSA by Miethke (B. Braun Aesculap) is a programmable ASD.

Q. What if my shunt is not listed?
A. We understand that there are many different shunt manufacturers and some shunts are no longer in production. You have two options to record your shunt. The first is to select ‘Other’ and manually type in the manufacturer and name of your valve. If you do not know the manufacturer and model of your shunt, select ‘I Don’t Know.’

If you don’t see your shunt listed, please email as many details as you can regarding the shunt manufacturer and model, if known, and we will make our best effort to find your shunt, verify the details, and incorporate it in the next version of the app.

Q. If a shunt is removed by my surgeon and I delete information related to that shunt, is the information related to that shunt lost?
A. If a shunt has been removed, you can select ‘Make This Treatment Inactive’ from the Edit menu. This allows you to retain the treatment information for historical purposes and future reference. It will appear in the list of Inactive Treatments on the Treatments tab. There is no need to delete one of your past treatments.

NOTE: If you delete a treatment using the trash icon, it will delete the treatment and all information entirely from the app and the data cannot be recovered.

Q. Can I have HydroAssist® on more than one mobile device or my tablet?
A. Yes! You can download the HydroAssist® app onto your phone(s) and tablet(s). Use your login credentials to access your information.

Q. Can a loved one have the app with my information on their mobile device?
A. You can share your information with an Authorized User. Under Menu > Settings, select ‘Authorized Users.’ Enter the individual’s email and click ‘INVITE.’ The individual will receive an email with a code and instructions on how to download the app and get started. Once they have the app, if you make a change to your treatment history or within your Symptom Diary, the changes will be reflected on their mobile device as well. They cannot make changes to your information.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Your data is stored on a secure server, allowing you to access your information from a mobile device or a desktop. Your data is automatically backed up and stored for you. Accessing your information requires a unique username and password. It is the user’s responsibility to protect who has access to your login information.

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