Technology Update: Neurallys developing Bluetooth enabled ICP monitor

Neurallys, a French startup based at the Paris Brain Institute, is developing an implantable intracranial pressure (ICP) monitor for hydrocephalus. The implant, as small as a valve, can be connected in series with a shunt catheter.

The ICP monitor collects and sends data about ICP to a patient’s smartphone through a Bluetooth connection. The data is then transmitted to a doctor’s office for review.

If successful, the solution would become a key tool to remotely determine the optimal opening pressure of a valve and to early detect mechanical failures of the shunt system.

In 2019, the company released the first generation of device, which was tested preclinically.

The first in-human study is planned for 2023.

Last month, Neurallys was showcased as a top neurological device startup company by StartUs Insights. StartUs Insights is a data science company out of Austria that identifies promising technology for investors and corporations.

Neurallys is collaborating with Mont-Sinai Hospital in New-York.

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