Advancing Hydrocephalus Research and Treatment Options: Non-Invasive Therapy Research Workshop

The Hydrocephalus Association Hosts Research Workshop to Advance Hydrocephalus Research & Non-Invasive Therapies

Hydrocephalus Association Research Workshop 2024

More than 75 experts in hydrocephalus gathered in Cincinnati, OH for the 2024 Research Workshop, titled “Developing Non-Invasive Hydrocephalus Therapies: Advancing Towards Clinical Trials.” This event, which built directly upon the successes from the Fall 2023 Research Workshop, brought together top scientists, doctors, patients, and other stakeholders to advance the treatment of hydrocephalus. This workshop focused on finding ways to better treat hydrocephalus, aiming to make treatments safer and less invasive.

The workshop had several key sessions where participants discussed everything from animal models used in research to the experiences of patients:

  • Animal Models and Measurement Techniques: Participants discussed the best animal models and ways to measure outcomes in studies. This helps ensure that the treatments developed in labs might work well in patients.
  • Learning from Clinical Trials: Experts shared their experiences with past and ongoing clinical trials. These stories are crucial as they help others avoid common pitfalls and build on what has been successful.
  • Patient Perspectives: A special panel of patients shared their experiences and motivations for participating in clinical studies. Understanding patient perspectives helps researchers focus on what truly matters to those affected by hydrocephalus.
  • Building Partnerships: A significant focus was on how different groups, like universities, companies, and government bodies, can work together. By collaborating, we can move promising treatments from the lab into clinical trials faster.
  • Funding Insights: Funding is essential for research. Speakers from various funding bodies discussed what support is available and how researchers can access these funds to advance their work.

Why Research Workshops are Pivotal to Our Mission

This workshop wasn’t just about sharing knowledge. It was a step towards making real changes in how hydrocephalus is treated by bringing experts together in the same room and creating a collaborative environment. By focusing on non-invasive approaches, the goal is to make life better and safer for patients, reducing the need for surgeries and improving overall treatment outcomes.

The Road Ahead with Hydrocephalus

Everyone left the workshop energized and optimistic about the future. The discussions here set the groundwork for new research projects and initiatives, getting us closer to turning scientific discoveries into treatments.

As we continue to work on these exciting developments, we invite everyone to stay connected and watch as these new therapies advance toward reality. Together, we’re making a difference in the fight against hydrocephalus. 

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