Kate FinlaysonOn November 27, Kate Finlayson passed away due to complications from hydrocephalus and the many surgeries she endured to combat it.  She was, and remains, an inspiration for all of us dedicated to furthering the fight against hydrocephalus.

Just 26 years old, Kate underwent more than 130 surgeries in an ongoing struggle to manage her hydrocephalus, and then to cope with the many complications that resulted from these surgeries.  Her struggle embodied the old saying that ‘the best surgery is no surgery’.  Unfortunately, for Kate and most people with hydrocephalus, the no surgery option is not possible.

Kate has been, and remains, an inspiration for many of us.  Not simply based on the fact of her struggle, but also because of the grace and courage she showed throughout.  It was this that inspired her brothers, Pete and Sam Finlayson to create TeamHYDRO.  It was their effort to try to make a difference on her behalf.

We hope, one day, through research, to find cures for the many forms of hydrocephalus.  Along that path, with an increased understanding of the bio-mechanics of hydrocephalus that research will provide, we hope to support the development of meaningful non-surgical therapeutic treatments,  with significantly fewer complications.

Our condolences and sympathy go out to the Finlayson family.