Annual Membership Campaign

Just imagine…

If you or your loved ones and every one of the over one million Americans living with hydrocephalus received the care, support and treatment they needed to thrive, not just survive…

If hydrocephalus research received millions more in federal funding…

If every senior with Normal Pressure Hydrocephalus (NPH) were quickly and properly diagnosed and treated, so they could enjoy their golden years…

If we could prevent or even cure hydrocephalus and make brain surgeries history!

With your support, the Hydrocephalus Association (HA) will make all of this a reality. Join HA’s new national campaign, Roadmap to a Cure, with a gift of $50, $100 or an especially generous gift of $200 and change the future of hydrocephalus!

Roadmap to a Cure is our commitment to invest $20 million by 2020 to accelerate hydrocephalus research, expand patient support services and raise public awareness about hydrocephalus. It will take every member, family and friend to reach this goal!

Your gift today will provide hope and comfort to parents, like Tenisha Lyles and Nicholas Curtis. Their 3 month-old daughter Nevaeh was born prematurely and has already had two brain surgeries due to congenital hydrocephalus. They are just beginning their journey and HA has provided critical information and education to guide them through a very difficult time.

Your generosity will support HA’s commitment to increase investments in research on new treatments and finding a cure for members like Olivia Maccoux, who’s just 21 and has endured 140 surgeries. 140! During a moving speech, Olivia confidently stated: “I am hopeful that if we all come together to support hydrocephalus research, we will experience the medical breakthroughs our community deserves.”   Won’t you join us to make this possible?

NPH is so often misdiagnosed that just 20% of 700,000 mostly older Americans with NPH receive proper treatment. Bob Neely did—but only because he recognized his symptoms, because he had watched his father suffer from NPH years earlier. The CT scan Bob demanded confirmed he had swollen ventricles and, following surgery, Bob regained his quality of life.  With your support, HA will fund research to develop better ways to diagnose and treat this reversible form of dementia, and promote awareness of them.

Your gift will also help HA advocate for greater federal funding commensurate with the immense health and financial burdens we all know hydrocephalus imposes on families and society. We are thrilled several of our scientists who received small Innovator Awards were able to pursue and secure federal funding totaling over $2 million, yielding a significant return on investment.

With your support for Roadmap to a Cure, brilliant scientists will accelerate their exciting hydrocephalus research to improve treatment and seek a cure. We will provide more comprehensive support and education services to many more people like Naesha, Olivia, and Bob and their loved ones, to help them cope with the challenges of hydrocephalus. And we will expand our efforts to raise public awareness about hydrocephalus, which we will leverage to secure additional federal funding for the condition.

Please support the Roadmap to a Cure campaign today because—with your support—we will cure hydrocephalus and ensure every family affected by hydrocephalus has a place to turn for hope!



Diana Gray
President and CEO

P.S.  Together, we will change the future for hydrocephalus, find better treatment options and make brain surgeries history. Give today for our Roadmap to a Cure and make it happen!