A Mom and Aunt

The Magic of a Mom and an Aunt
Stacey, diagnosed at 25 years old

It is amazing what people are capable of and it is in times of hardships and struggles that people can really show how much they truly care. My mother and her sister, my aunt, are the best caregivers anyone could ask for. After a couple years of struggling for a diagnosis at 25 I was diagnosed with obstructive hydrocephalus. It would be in a matter months that I would be in for emergency surgery. At every waking moment, every unbearable pain, every struggle with daily tasks, it was my mom and aunt there every step of the way. Every tear drop, they made into a smile and if weren’t for them I would not be where I am today, four short months after the surgery. Words cannot describe my gratitude and love for them, they will forever be in my heart as the best family, best caregivers and greatest people any one can ever have in their life.