2016 Innovator Award Announcement

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The Hydrocephalus Association is pleased to announce the funding of three hydrocephalus researchers through the HA Network for Discovery Science (HANDS) Innovator Award.

Kristopher Kahle, MD, PhD from the Yale School of Medicine will evaluate how intraventricular hemorrhage impacts choroid plexus CSF production.

Shenandoah Robinson, MD from Johns Hopkins University will test clinically available drugs to enhance natural repair processes in hopes of reversing the damage caused by intraventricular hemorrhage and hydrocephalus.

Jennifer Strahle, MD from Washington University will determine how iron gets into and damages the cells lining the ventricles and how this contributes to the development of hydrocephalus.

The Innovator Award is designed to provide seed funding for bold and innovative research with the potential to transform hydrocephalus research. In this cycle, the Award focused on Posthemorrhagic Hydrocephalus research with emphasis on understanding the disease mechanisms and the development of novel therapies and treatment approaches. Innovator Awards are for one year of support at a $25,000 or $50,000 level. These awards further the Hydrocephalus Association mission to promote a cure for hydrocephalus and improve the lives of those affected by the condition.

Funding for the 2016 Innovator Award was made possible through the support of the Grant and Pam Finlayson family and the dedicated efforts of Craig and Vicki Brown, hosts of the 2016 Vision Dinner.

In 2016, the Hydrocephalus Association spent over $800,000 directly on clinical and basic science grants. This brings our total research spending to over $6,000,000 since the start of the research initiative in 2009. In 2017, the Hydrocephalus Association will continue pushing hydrocephalus research forward through continued support of the Hydrocephalus Clinical Research Network, the Adult Hydrocephalus Clinical Research Network, and by providing more research opportunities through the HA Network for Discovery Science.

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