The Greenville News Shares One Couple’s “Vision”

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Brown Family Hydrocephalus Vision DinnerTomorrow evening Craig and Vicki Brown will host the 2nd annual Vision Dinner in New York City. The event is featured in an October 10, 2014, article in The Greenville News titled, “Drive Owner Hosts Rare Disease Fundraiser.” The event is an intimate gathering of leading physicians, researchers and advocates. In hosting the event and bringing these individuals together for an educational evening, the Brown’s hope to stimulate research, increase public awareness and spark physician interest in specializing in hydrocephalus.

The Greenville News featured Brown as a local businessman of interest – he is the President and Co-owner of The Greenville Drive, a minor league baseball team affiliated with the Boston Red Sox – who has a unique connection to a condition that is not well known to the general public. Craig and Vicki’s son and nephew both have hydrocephalus, fueling a commitment by the couple to support innovative research into hydrocephalus and quality educational resources for individuals and families living with the condition. The Greenville News piece shares the family’s journey with hydrocephalus through two very different diagnosis and treatment stories. It provides factual information to help educate the reader about the condition and the complexity, variability and challenges it poses to individuals and families. We encourage you to read the story if you have not done so.

The piece also highlights tomorrow’s event, which will focus on adult forms of hydrocephalus, including Normal Pressure Hydrocephalus (NPH). NPH was recognized as a distinct medical condition 50 years ago by Dr. Salomon Hakim. His son, Dr. Carlos Hakim, will accept an award in his honor.

The Hydrocephalus Association would like to thank The Greenville News for continuing our efforts to educate the public about hydrocephalus. We would also like to thank Craig and Vicki Brown for their tireless commitment to bettering the lives of those affected by hydrocephalus.

Craig BrownCraig Brown currently serves as the Senior Vice Chair on the Hydrocephalus Association Board of Directors. He is President and CEO of Keelers Ridge Associates and President and Co-owner of The Greenville Drive.

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