Travis, 28

Travis , adult with hydrocephalusMy name is Travis and I was born March 13, 1987.  I am an identical twin. Luckily my twin brother was able to escape a lifetime of Hydrocephalus with sedation by Phenobarbital. Throughout my lifetime I’ve had three types of shunts and seventy plus shunt revisions.  The three types of shunts I’ve had are the VP, VA and VPL. In my life I’ve had two shunt infections.

At birth a VP shunt was placed. In 1997 I had sixteen revisions spanning from February 18, 1997-December 1997.  After moving to Tennessee, my neurosurgery was taken over by Dr. Lewis Harris in Knoxville, Tennessee. I credit Dr. Harris with saving my life. He placed the Codman Hakim Valve. This valve was a miracle for me up until fifteen years later due to my slit ventricles and over draining. Between these two factors, in July 2013, my VPL shunt failed to move my CSF and began to clog up. This caused a massive pleural effusion in my chest cavity. By the time the problem was discovered. I was hours away from high pressure problems.  This is when I developed my first shunt infection. My second shunt infection came when a faulty valve was placed in 2014. Since a new valve has been placed, my quality of life has been greatly increased.

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