Our Girl, Lexi, Sees Stars!

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How can you curtail the excitement of an exceptional young woman? You can’t! Those of you that attended the 12th National Conference on Hydrocephalus may remember Lexi singing her own lyrics to a Taylor Swift song during the talent show. She had a dream come true when Ellen Degeneres chose her to be an audience member for the show where Taylor Swift appeared. Enjoy her letter to our community.

Dear Friends,

Hi my name is Alexis (Lexi). Last week I heard about a contest to see Taylor Swift perform on the Ellen Show. My friend said, “Why don’t we email them and tell them your story of having hydrocephalus about how you would LOVE to see Taylor Swift ?” I agreed and later that day we got an email back. It said, “Congrats! You have been chosen to be a part of the Ellen audience and to watch Taylor Swift perform!” We were so excited! We even had enough tickets for my sister and my mom to go, too.

We drove down on Wednesday (which happened to be my 17th birthday) and stayed the night in a hotel. The next morning we had to get there by 10:00 in the morning. We had to wait several hours and then we had to go through security screening just like at the airport. They had buses take us to the Warner Brothers Studio where they tape the Ellen Show. They let our bus go in FIRST and it was first come, first serve for where you would see the performance. We got the best seats! We were right in the front of the stage!

When we arrived, we were so excited for the concert to start, but Ellen was inside the studio interviewing Taylor Swift. We couldn’t see the show, but we could hear everything. It was fun to listen to.

After more waiting, the show finally started. The band came on and Taylor Swift began singing. It was amazing! She sang three songs from her new album, Red. After she sang those songs, she said she would sing another song just for us (and not for the taping of the show) since we came all the way there and learned the words to her new songs. That last song that won’t be seen on the Ellen show was “You Belong With Me.” During the show, she walked up and down a runway and touched fans hands—she touched my sister’s hand and my mom even got a picture of it!

Ellen was SUPER FUNNY! My friend took off her red cowboy boot and asked Ellen to sign it and she did!

The show aired Thursday October 25th! It was an amazing show and I had a blast! I’m so grateful for Ellen giving us the opportunity to have so much fun! I hope some of you saw the show. If not, you can always watch it on Ellen’s website!



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