HA 2012 WALKs and Special Events – In Rhyme

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“They’re over” she said, throwing down her pen,
“HA’s WALKs and events are over – what a year it’s been!
A hard year? A great year? Both are quite true…
I guess it really all depends upon your point of view.”

“At times it felt as if we didn’t have a prayer to do it,
at times it felt like we would never be able to get through it!” 

“From Washington to San Francisco and places in between
we had WALKs and events of all sizes…from fat to lean.
We had volunteer Chairs of all ages, all sizes and all shapes,
across this great nation thousands of HA walkers did traipse.”

But if you listen now you shall hear
the tale of HA WALKs and special events, from both far and near.
In two-thousand and twelve they were 44 strong
with 68 volunteer Chairs, HA just couldn’t go wrong.

HA’s first WALK of the year was in tiny Steamboat Springs,
at the top of the mountain it barely clings.
With a small population donations can be hard to come by,
but even with a late start our Chairs were going to give it try.
And it sure didn’t stop the Karches, Laura and Christian…
using their passion they managed to bring this Snowshoe WALK to fruition,
and in doing so they raised over $55,000 on behalf of HA’s mission!

Londonderry, New Hampshire was led by Melissa Remillard
and Co-Chair Lisa Barton; they both worked very hard.
Both are very committed to the cause, to HA’s mission
inspired by Melissa’s daughter Haley and her experience with this condition.
They’d go to any lengths to give Haley a better, brighter tomorrow
even should it require climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro.
Fortunately we don’t ask them to climb,
although all Chairs sacrifice for their event — big time.
For the New Hampshire WALK to continue to meet its potential
great Co-Chairs like Melissa and Lisa are absolutely essential.
Many thanks to both of these terrific volunteers,
thanks for all you’ve done for us over these past three years.
We hope for 2013 we can count on you again,
upon both of you we really do depend!

Jared and Tara Miller serve as Co-Chairs of HA’s WALK in Oregon,
in their third year as Chairs their WALK is quite successful and, dare we say, it’s fun…
with some absolutely amazing results this year which left all of us just stunned.
This year’s Portland WALK grew by more than 46 percent —
an incredible upswing, an amazing ascent.
Making their success more impressive, this man and his spouse
did all of this with a newborn baby in the house!
It is difficult to believe but we swear that it’s true,
and as you may have already guessed we sure hope these two will renew
and serve as Co-Chairs once more in 2013,
there’s no doubt in our minds, they make a great team.

In Seattle, the WALK was led by Gena Azar and Board Chair Paul Gross,
the WALK there is very big, some might call it grandiose.
Right now its final total is approaching $100K,
HA’s largest WALK this year – an incredible display.
Next year two new Chairs step up to lead the WALK site there,
Dawn Adix and Jenifer Petersen are the new pair to Chair,
and we’re confident that they’ll give the WALK their own special flair!

A city in Tennessee was the site of a new HA WALK this summer
Music City’s inaugural event was definitely an “up and comer.”
Its results were amazing, astounding — almost unbelievable
A first-year WALK raising over 32 thousand is almost inconceivable.
Tennessee is also known as the “Volunteer State,”
we can’t disagree, our volunteers there, are very much first rate.
In Nashville Melissa Arsenault and Genia Hastings led the way,
they made it look easy, they made it look quick, they made it just a great day.
They did all they were asked and then they did some more,
they made the WALK there a great success, they really made it soar.
Special thanks to all of our volunteers for the Nashville event,
the money raised there will really help HA make a dent,
in the research that one day will see hydrocephalus cured
on that you may count, on that you may bet, on that you may rest assured.

In Pennsylvania HA’s WALK is held in Middletown,
the leaders there are, without a doubt, just the best – hands down.
The Co-Chairs for this site are Danielle Gutshall and Jackie Fullerton
there are no harder workers anywhere – we can’t name even one.
They grew this WALK at breakneck speed,
this site’s success was impressive indeed,
all due to the efforts of HA’s Co-Chairs there, it’s definitely agreed.
This second-year WALK increased its revenue by 78 percent
it’s obvious to one and all their time was very well spent.
You may not know that Middletown lies between Harrisburg and Hershey
For such great results in 2012 all we can do is say is merci!

In the motor city, also known as Detroit
We have Dan and Sara Naragon as Co-Chairs, they’re very adroit.
Although Detroit was already an established WALK site
its new Chairs, Dan and Sara, have fit the bill just right.
Unfortunately its former Chairs had stepped down – our spirits were very low
new volunteers were needed – someone willing to pound the pavement to make this WALK site grow.
Finding new Chairs was critical – it needed someone very bright,
who had the time and energy to take the WALK to new heights,
although it would mean some very long days and some even longer nights.
The Naragons hit the community like gangbusters, we’re told
they secured many in-kind donations — they must have been quite bold.
As a result they persuaded so many to make the right decision
to help ensure HA is on the path to continue to achieve its vision.

Right in the middle of the country is another WALK for HA
It’s held in Wichita, KS – the Sunflower State some might say.
Co-Chaired by daughter, Rachel, along with her mother
They’ve done a great job on this WALK, working with one another.
Rachel Inskeep and Mary Havens are dedicated to making this event succeed,
they’ll ask anyone, they’ll do anything, if necessary they’ll even beg or plead.
Rachel and Mary do this for Cooper and others with hydrocephalus as well,
they’re in it for the long haul, they’re not about to quit, as far as we can tell,
until the day comes when HA does achieve its ultimate mission
and a cure is found for this miserable condition.

Let’s not forget Phyllis Rogers who’s HA’s Denver WALK site Chair.
She’s a veteran for sure, you can tell by her eyes – and from her 1,000-yard stare.
She’s coordinated nine WALKs to date; 2013 will be number ten,
she’s led volunteers of all types and sorts – children, women and men.
(I’d like to note I could have used another word to make this stanza rhyme
something that would have denoted her long length of time
I could have said “She’s coordinated nine WALKs to date, 2013 will be number ten,
back when Phyllis began coordinating WALKs she was using a quill pen…”
But I resisted the temptation.)
By the way, Phyllis has ways of getting her WALK committee to meet,
which all WALK Chairs will tell you is one hard job – it’s one heck of a feat.
She offers Margaritas on the deck that sits in her back yard
after all, turning that down would be pretty hard.
So the committee is willing to attend meetings — even settling in to stay.
It’s a good trick when you need lots of help that you can’t afford to pay!
There is one small problem with this trick of which you need to be aware,
the next day your committee members may not remember they were there!
We’re just kidding here and giving Phyllis a hard time – she’s one of HA’s best Chairs,
even more we know, as Jordan’s mom, this is a cause for which she really cares.

Sarah Billman and Elizabeth Shafer are two more who lead the fight,
in Columbus, Indiana is where you’ll find their WALK site.
This Columbus is in Indiana, not Ohio – although you may be excused,
from wondering if we had that wrong, if we got this one confused.
These two volunteers work so hard and do everything just right,
to help HA find a cure they’ll go to any heights.
Sarah has a vested interest in a cure – to help her daughter and others,
to give her child a brighter future — the goal of every mother.
Although Elizabeth lives in another state, 137 miles away to be exact,
she still Co-Chairs with Sarah, an admirable trait, and it doesn’t lessen her impact.
We’ve heard through the grapevine that Elizabeth is expecting – a baby’s on the way
we don’t know how this will affect this team — we hope that they both will stay.
Their results for this site, now in its 2nd year, were really just so great —
re: what will happen next year…we guess we’ll have to wait!

We had four great WALK Chairs in Chicago, like Katie Cook,
joined by Zahadita Kudrna, Stacy Buckner and Andrea O’Shea,
they were more than ready for this challenge that they undertook,
their enthusiasm and energy never flagged, they did much better than okay.
In the beginning it looked as if the event might stall,
so much so the WALK came close to not happening at all.
But these four appeared when we’d given up all hope,
they were willing to try; they said they were ready to cope.
They took this site on headfirst – they didn’t know the meaning of the word “quit”
Although they may have given that some thought applying for the event permit.
(Working with the city there was an illustration of real bureaucracy in action —
it was nowhere near as enjoyable as undergoing a tooth extraction.)
Our Chairs’ enthusiasm took this WALK to incredible new heights,
their energy never flagged, they never lost sight
of their goal for this year’s WALK in the “windy city,”
although, for this year at least, they pretty much comprised the whole committee.
They moved the WALK site downtown, to the lakefront, right to Soldier Field
And the event’s revenue grew unbelievably – it more than doubled its previous yield!

In Louisville, KY please allow me to introduce,
HA’s WALK Co-Chairs there, Brittney Neidig and Jennifer Bruce.
Brittney’s brother and his hydrocephalus battle is her reason for Co-Chairing
Jennifer’s daughter, Hannah Grace, is her reason for caring.
They’re not afraid of hard work, they’ll willingly hit the bricks
to find more funding for HA’s mission they’ll resort to any tricks.
Jennifer and Brittney so want the WALK to succeed
they’ll do whatever is necessary, we know that’s guaranteed.
We hope that they’ll Co-Chair again next year in 2013,
to turn this 4th year WALK site into HA’s own cash machine.

In the Beehive state, in the city by the Great Salt Lake,
the WALK is led by SarahAnn Whitbeck, someone with a real stake
in finding the answers to hydrocephalus, for her own sake,
as well as the other 1 million Americans living with its challenges each day.
Living with hydrocephalus is why she’s willing to lead the way.
SarahAnn makes chairing the WALK look easy, she makes it look like it’s a snap
but there’s no question she works very hard – that there’s no time for naps.
She’s a beautiful blonde, by the way, always put together just right —
she’s been known to stop traffic even without a light!
SarahAnn’s done great things with the WALK there in Salt Lake City
A task made more difficult because she doesn’t even have a committee.*
We hope that Sarah will agree to “re-up” and return as Chair next year,
her leadership has made a real difference, to us that is very clear.

In one of HA’s California sites, in the city by the bay
Maija Rocciola and Maureen Pardi had another great WALK day.
It was 1993 when the San Francisco HA WALK first began,
Pip Marks was the lady with the idea, the one who made the initial plan.
Her goal was to unite the local hydrocephalus community —
holding a WALK would be the perfect opportunity,
for those with hydrocephalus to meet and network;
raising money for HA was just an extra perk.
For those with hydrocephalus being able to connect…
on so many lives, young and old, it could have a positive effect.
19 years later Maureen and Miaja continue to head the drive
HA’s mission forward, making all of us strive,
more every day to make HA and its mission obsolete.
Reaching that goal would, indeed, be very, very sweet!

One of HA’s newest WALKs was held in a small town in Delaware,
Smyrna, by name – it was a fabulous event – they do it right up there.
Led by Chair Katie Wilber, in honor of her Dad, whose surgeries now number eighty-six
she’ll do whatever is necessary to help find a cure, to help HA find a fix.
Assisted by Kelly Mereider, the two put together a WALK that surprised,
with almost 200 walkers, raising more than $16,000– and in a market just that size!
As a business owner with four children Katie has more than a little on her plate,
but she still found time to start and coordinate a brand new WALK in the First State.
We hope that Katie and Kelly found running the WALK fulfilling
and return for next year to serve as Chairs we hope they both are willing.

Don’t forget the HA WALK in Georgia, held in Atlanta
(For those who may not know, that’s the other side of the state from Savannah.)
Co-Chairs Kymmi Wilson and Jen Taylor lead the WALK for HA there,
there’s no doubt that these two volunteers really do care.
They want to help HA and the hydrocephalus community
bringing everyone together in harmony and unity.
Kymmi and Jen are so excited by the potential there each year
they’ll buttonhole anyone they see, anyone who dares come near.
They’ll talk to everyone and anyone who is willing to listen,
telling them (and selling them) all about HA’s great mission.

In a new site in Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky
We have two great chairs – we sure got very lucky.
It’s led by Shawn and Julie Robinson – husband and wife,
who did all of it right, despite the usual strife.
But like many other Chairs they do this for little girl —
she’s the reason they took this on – why they were willing to give it a whirl.
Shawn and Julie have built a great foundation for the WALK this year
we promise next year will be easier, it will all be much more clear.
We hope they’ll be back to Chair this new HA site once more
With such a great start this year next year they’ll really score.

The Minneapolis WALK held in the Land of Lakes
Is one of HA’s stellar events — of that make no mistake.
In its very first year the results were absolutely great
then year after year it’s improved and shown an excellent growth rate.
Heather Sorenson is HA’s volunteer leader there
doing a terrific job, like our other Chairs — she cares,
even having her second baby did not stop her being there!
She doesn’t quit, even when the going gets tough —
for all she does “thank you” doesn’t seem to be quite enough.

Then there’s HA’s WALK in Missouri, a.k.a. the “Show Me” state
Maggie and Stephanie, both pregnant, stepped down for the year so things got started a bit late.
In late spring St. Louis was able to recruit a new Chair, Maurice Woodruff;
“Woody” realized very quickly this was a pretty big job and it would be more than tough.
But he gave it his all, he did all he could, of that there is no doubt
working his fingers to the bone, day in and day out.
He never gave up — he made it happen this year,
and for that success he definitely deserves at least three cheers.
We hear that Maggie and Stephanie will be back to Co-Chair again next year
It’s a role that they say they both have really missed,
They’re recruiting a committee, though — so Woody may not be off the hook or off the list!

In Long Island we have one of HA’s largest WALK sites yet —
you may even have heard of it, we would be willing to bet.
It’s headed by Jackie Davidson and Mia Padron,
with their leadership this event has most definitely grown.
It raised over $72,000 just a few weeks ago,
(any way you look at it that’s a lot of dough,)
in addition these two ladies put on a really great show,
and at the same time ensure that everything is just so.
With hundreds of walkers and volunteers participating, too
it’s a huge undertaking, this Long Island WALK, anyone could see that’s true.
They have multiple ways of increasing their take,
many ways of enhancing the money they make.
They sell tickets to the hockey game, called the Long Island Ducks,
they have shopping days and bake sales; it’s more than just a bit of luck.
These two volunteer Co-Chairs, Jackie and Mia
have implemented lots and lots and lots of new ideas.
They serve in this role for Jordan and Tyler – those are their two boys.
They don’t bother to be coy, when it comes to HA, they will make a lot of noise
to ensure that this event is always a success,
with their vested interest in a cure they couldn’t do anything less.
We hope Mia and Jackie will agree to do this again next year
as you, dear reader, might very well have guessed.
As volunteer Co-Chairs they are definitely without peer,
their leadership skills are absolutely among the best.

We have a new Chair in Houston, her name is Margaret Powers;
her WALK did so well we should have sent her flowers!
Raising over $23,000 in its very first year,
it came very close to setting a record, just to be clear.
Although the weather for the WALK was absolutely terrible — just plain bad,
it didn’t deter our walkers — they all came out anyway — kids, moms and dads.
It looks like a very bright future for the HA WALK in Houston.
And to Margaret we say, many thanks, merci beaucoup and job well done!

In Cambridge, Massachusetts we have “Jennifer squared”;
two Jennifers (Martinage and Miles) who are always quite prepared.
These two Co-Chairs are not afraid of hard work,
the tough jobs, the hard ones, they would never shirk.
Some problems with T-shirts this year made them bite their nails,
but in the end it turned out to be just another of those countless details.
But at the time it gave them a little bit of a scare,
Would Cambridge walkers have anything to wear?
These are details that walkers don’t understand – they just don’t have a clue,
the fortitude and determination it takes for WALK Chairs to get through!
There’s just no way that most people could ever possibly know,
all that it takes to make a HA WALK site grow!
So we say thanks to Jennifer and Jennifer, too,
we so very much appreciate all that you two do!

In Middlebury, CT our WALK is chaired by Jenifer Jeans,
whose enthusiasm is boundless, she’s very, very keen
to ensure that the WALK is a great day for one and all —
she’ll do whatever’s necessary, she’ll make dozens of calls.
She’s inspired by her sister, Alexandrea, they say
so she works countless hours — all on behalf of HA.
Though this year Jenifer hit some bumps in the road,
she didn’t slow down or stop, she used it as a goad,
to go out and try to make things happen, that’s for sure —
don’t get in between Jenifer Jeans and the cure!
We’re confident that for Jen 2013 will be a better year,
we’re also sure that’s something she’ll be very happy to hear!

Milwaukee, WI, which hadn’t held a HA WALK since 2010,
had a great event with hundreds of walkers – children, women and men.
When all was said and done at the end of the night,
the final tally turned out to be more than just all right,
raising over $54,000 we’d call it a true delight!
The event was led by Patti Lampien with a very able assist
by her very efficient Co-Chair Cassie Siebenlist.
The Wisconsin WALK was without any doubt a most definite coup
it only could have been accomplished be a very special few.
Its obvious that we had the right leadership out there
we can only say thank you to them for serving as Co-Chairs!

On the west coast Co-Chairs Cheryl Merrell and Kelly Fjelstrom of Fresno, CA
held another great WALK for HA on that October Sunday.
They work very hard to ensure their annual WALK is a success,
we don’t know how they do it, we honestly must confess.
Kelly has three boys (who could sometimes add to her stress)
and Cheryl’s job is no piece of cake, but, forgive us, we digress….
2012 is their fourth year as the lead volunteers
and their results every year are the envy of their peers.
Next year Judy Ames will serve as Co-Chair, lending a hand
to help the Fresno WALK become even more grand.
Although Judy has led the Family Teams before,
serving as Co-Chair may be a bit more of a chore.
But we’re confident that this will be a great choice,
increasing HA’s profile by adding one more voice!

The WALK in North Carolina is a labor of love,
April & Jason Brantley run it together — hand in glove.
They do this year after year for their young son, Cohen
and they’ll keep on doing it until the answers to hydrocephalus are known.
They ask everyone in Graham, this tiny community,
making sure to give everyone an equal opportunity
to support the WALK and raise money for awareness.
They don’t kid around, hitting one and all, just to ensure fairness.
Though April is such a nice person, a lady so very sweet
When others see them coming they’ve been known to cross the street.
But that doesn’t stop them, not one little bit,
they keep on going, they’re not planning to quit.
They’re working toward the day that we all want for sure,
the day that science finds the hydrocephalus cure.

In New Mexico our WALK is held in Albuquerque
Chaired by some great volunteers, some might even call them perky.
Led by Kathy Carrillo with help from Karen McCabe, too,
sponsors and donors and walkers they boldly pursue.
They keep on going, they keep up a very fast pace,
and never get discouraged by a door slammed in their face,
because they’re working to help HA find that cure
they’re doing the right thing, of that they are very sure.
Kathy does this to help her daughter, Amy, who was diagnosed quite early
She’ll brave anyone, anytime, anywhere — she’ll face down the surly
Her inspiration is there to remind her every day,
why this is worth doing and why she’s in it to stay.

In the state of Tennessee there’s a city
nestled between the mountains, it’s very pretty.
A song about a choo-choo is its claim to fame,
If you haven’t guessed by now, it’s Chattanooga, by name.
Chara McLaughen leads the WALK there, with help from a few
and does a great job, Chara (a.k.a. Ema’s Mom) and her crew.
In 2011 after adjusting for market size and population,
this site was HA’s #1 WALK throughout the entire nation.
For a rather small market, that’s an honor indeed,
it raised more than $20,000 – and that’s not chicken feed!
Congratulations to the folks in Chattanooga, Tennessee
They hold a world class WALK event, we think that you’ll agree.

In South Florida HA’s WALK Chair there is named Eileen,
the WALK there was huge, it was almost a mob scene!
In 2012, she raised $55K, a record breaking event,
this WALK site had an increase of over 38 percent!
Eileen’s worked hard with help from her son Alex and her husband Mike.
Alex has had hydrocephalus since he was a tyke,
they’re just a great HA family – one you’re sure to like.
Eileen’s has worked day and night to make this event a success
but she makes it look so easy, we really should confess,
you’d have no idea that she is under so much stress!
For Eileen’s volunteer service HA certainly is most blessed.
We know that Eileen will continue to lead this site,
which makes all of us here sleep so much better at night!

In Birmingham we had Lauren Morrow and teeny Nalini Patel
the WALK there grew again, with a ground swell
of walkers, and sponsors, and volunteers galore,
it’s really built on the foundation that was laid before.
Nalini and Lauren make a great team;
growing bigger and better is now their big dream.
Their inspiration is their sons Darshan and Addox,
they’re in it for the long haul, not just for some quick fix.
They want to give both these boys a future that’s much brighter
That’s why these two volunteers work so hard and are such fighters!

The Arizona WALK was held at the Phoenix zoo
led by Co-Chairs Jill Diedrich and Maggie Bobrowitz, too.
Though the volunteers there may have been somewhat stressed,
the event was so great even the animals were impressed!
Phoenix is the champion at using volunteers from department store Kohl’s
it boosted their total revenue so they exceeded their WALK’s goals.
The results for Arizona this year were almost hard to believe,
but we’ve checked it out twice, this site did achieve
a revenue increase of more than 50 percent —
there’s no doubt about it, their time was very well spent.

The Washington, DC Run/WALK is held in old Foggy Bottom
(that’s a section of DC) toward the tail end of autumn.
Barrett O’Connor and Martha Fleury are the Co-Chairs there,
they’re really good friends – they make a great team, they make a really great pair.
Barrett’s daughter, Emily, is one of the reasons she does this,
not to mention all of the others living with hydrocephalus.
Barrett and Martha have done a great job making this event a reality;
they gave the Run/WALK in DC verve, style and vitality.
Because Barrett has been elected HA’s new Board Chair
they’re stepping down as the event’s leaders, this terrific pair.
Thus HA is actively seeking new volunteers to take on the leadership role —
HA will teach you how to do it, we’ll be with you every step to your goal.
Please give it some thought, whether this is something right up your alley,
if you think that it may be – that you might be able to get folks to rally,
please contact HA’s Director of Special Events, Ms. Randi Corey,
next year it could be you and a friend covered with glory!**

In addition to the WALKs, HA had many other fundraising events
coordinated by our volunteers – great women and gents.

There’s a tale of an event that cannot be missed,
it’s the biggest of all – number one on the list.
It’s Sharkfests’ Team Hydro — they swim for a cure,
it’s an open water swim, not for the faint-hearted, that for sure!
One part is held in San Francisco’s bay with danger from the sharks,
not to mention the water itself, very cold and quite dark.
The other part of Team Hydro competes on the east coast
it’s held in the Potomac River — also a difficult swim
and not one that should even be attempted by most.
But the reasons Team Hydro members participate are quite sincere,
to raise money to fund hydrocephalus research – that reason is very clear.
Team Hydro is led by the Finlayson family – Peter is one of the three,
he’s joined by brother Sam and mom Pam and they all agree,
they do this every year in honor and memory of their beloved Kate.
They money raised is used to fight this condition we all hate.

We know that in all they do Kate provides the inspiration,
we only wish we could adequately express our appreciation.

In Fitchburg, MA another dedicated volunteer
holds an annual fundraising event, now in its 15th year.
It’s called “Thanks for Running” – it’s a 5-K,
which is held every year on Thanksgiving Day.
Amy Maynard and her family coordinate the entire run,
ensuring it’s organized, efficient and, oh yes, fun!
In 2012 the Run raised almost $6,700 for HA’ mission —
that’s a very significant amount to help the fight against this condition.
We cannot thank Amy enough for all the money she’s raised.
What a great job she’s done, she deserves more than a little praise.

There’s another event that we must not forget to report
It’s the MX for Children – a motocross event – a very different sport.
MX for Children is the brainchild of volunteer organizer Paul Gross,
it does very well, every year raising thousands of dollars to bring us close
to finding the answers to this complex and complicated condition,
or, to put it more succinctly it’s funding HA’s mission.

Thanks to our volunteers HA benefited from several other fundraising events,
including a craft fair at Richardson Farms in Maryland raising over $2,300 and some cents.
In addition, we had two Kids to Cure Hydrocephalus WALKs – one held in Campbell, CA
and one in Long Island – both events were great, thanks to the kids participating that day.
(And due to the work of volunteer organizers Natalie & Debra Graham as well as Mia Padron – to them
we give a big bouquet!)

In Michigan, Angie Raulerson, a country-western singer
put on a concert for HA that made the audience want to linger.
In sunny Miami, Glenn Ebert made his birthday a fundraising occasion,
raising $1,000 — Glenn’s in sales so he’s good at persuasion!
In Oak Grove, KY the Masons held a Poker Run,
raising $500 it sounded as if all had lots of fun.
A new event in Florida also raised a bit,
a “zumba-thon,” an event for those who are fit.
We cannot forget Mark and Mary and the Spirit of America Ride,
riding bikes from Tampa to Denver to increase awareness (and raising $3,000 on the side.)
Every year intrepid souls, called Extreme Athletes, run in marathons here and there,
they use their marathon participation as a way to show they care,
they ask friends and family to sponsor them in their long distance run
raising money for HA – and wherever they may place at the end, HA has surely won.
There’s one more fundraiser about which we will remain mum.
We have special plans for it in the months to come.

You’ll hear more about it later on next year,
We’ll be eager to see how it goes both far and near.
For now special thanks to Heather Kluter in O.C.
for bringing us a new idea – one that’s yet to be.

There’s one more element to HA WALKs and events we can’t neglect,
without their help the support for HA’s Chairs would be much less than they expect.
Without this group WALKs and special events would definitely feel the effect.
It’s HA’s staff – all the staff –east coast, west coast, former, new and in between,
although most of the time what they do is well behind the scenes.
The San Francisco office closed its doors on the last day of July,
it was a very bittersweet time, there wasn’t a dry eye,
after so many years and so much work it can be difficult to say good-bye.
The staff that was staying on with HA – Dawn, Randi, Karima, Neena and Jenn,
began starting their sentences with the words “Remember when….?”
The candidates were interviewed, vetted, checked and finally hired,
and by the time all of that was done Dawn Mancuso was pretty tired.
Amy Weist, Amanda Garzon and Michael Ticzon joined the HA staff in the east
and let’s not forget Ashly Westrick and, of course, Aisha Heath.
Looking at the new hires, we wonder if Dawn has an affinity for names that start with “A”
but as far as we’re concerned, if they can do the job, that’s perfectly okay.
Dawn found great people to fill all of those open jobs and each position,
and everyone did all that they could to try to ease the “transition.”
It was challenging, however, because the new staff didn’t know
who was who, what was what, let alone which line to toe!
As to be expected there is still a bit of the learning curve that needs to be achieved,
but everyone is eager to learn, they’re anxious to get up to speed.
It won’t be long before everyone knows their role and their job inside out,
that will be a red letter day for HA without a shadow of a doubt.
We thank all of our volunteers and all the event participants, too
for hanging in during some challenging times and helping us get through!

That’s a capsule summary of this year’s WALKs and Special Events in rhyme,
It’s hard to believe 2012 is done, as they say “time flies when you’re having a good time
Thanks to all our participants, staff, donors and volunteers
Because of you, we’re proud to say, we’ve just had a record breaking year!

Our sincere, abject apologies for anyone who may have been inadvertently
left out or any other errors or omissions!

* If anyone is interested in helping organize/plan the Salt Lake City WALK please contact HA

**If you are interested in exploring leading the Washington, DC Run/WALK please contact walk@hydroassoc.org.

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