Timothy Vogel, MD

2013 Established Investigator

INSTITUTION: Hackensack University Medical Center

STUDY TITLE: The role of neural progenitor cells in the development of neonatal hydrocephalus


Dr. Vogel is a pediatric neurosurgeon and an Assistant Professor of pediatric neurosurgery and developmental biology at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center.  He holds a BA in chemistry from Princeton University and an MD from Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons. Dr. Vogel received a CSF Production, Flow, and Regulation, Therapeutics and Diagnostics award in 2013 for his study, The role of neural progenitor cells in the development of neonatal hydrocephalus.

His research hypothesizes that abnormal signaling through primary cilia during neural progenitor cell (NPC) development contributes to the development of neonatal hydrocephalus. Recently, it has been shown that mutations of genes that disrupt cilia in the ventricles lead to the development of hydrocephalus. These findings demonstrate that brain cilia aid in the normal development of NPCs, suggesting a link between the ventricles and brain development. The close proximity of NPCs to the ventricles suggests that these cells maintain the size of the ventricles.


Selected hydrocephalus-related articles

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