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Research shows that a balanced diet can contribute to your overall health and help your body work more effectively. Learn more about the importance of healthy foods, diet, and nutrition.

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Circles - Bethany Holmes

9 Foods to Nourish Brain Health

After having brain surgery, eating nutrient-dense foods that support your brain can promote healing. Learn more about the 9 foods that can help nourish brain health.

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The Healthiest You: Finding Balance Through Nutrition and Lifestyle Techniques

Join Bethany Holmes, CHHC, in discussing how to find balance through nutrition and lifestyle techniques. This session will focus on self-care and whole-body wellness for healing. Bethany will share her personal story of going through brain surgery and her recovery and healing process. You will learn the importance of eating real foods to fuel your brain and body, giving you the nutrients and energy you need to feel your best. In this session, you will also learn several lifestyle techniques that will help cultivate self-love and appreciation and how to better cope with anxiety and stress. We will also discuss balancing health with social life, work, and everyday responsibilities.

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