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The Hydrocephalus Association believes that the most effective long-term care for people living with hydrocephalus is dependent on an informed and engaged healthcare team. Your relationship with your clinical caregivers is critical and is most effective in an environment of mutual trust and respect. To help you in the process of building your healthcare team, HA has developed the Physicians Directory. We are pleased to provide this resource and want to remind you that the Directory is not intended to be an endorsement or recommendation by the Association or its members.

Pediatric Directory

The pediatric section of the Directory contains information about neurosurgeons whose primary practice is devoted to children. Pediatric neurosurgeons who also treat young adults who have been living with hydrocephalus since childhood are identified with an asterisk. Click here to download.

Adult Directory

The adult portion of the Physician Directory contains information about neurosurgeons and neurologists who have experience in diagnosing and treating hydrocephalus in adults, including normal pressure hydrocephalus (NPH). Neurosurgeons are identified by the acronym NSG and neurologists are indicated with NUL. As in the pediatric section of the Directory, physicians who treat both pediatric and adult patients are identified with an asterisk. Click here to download.

Add a Doctor to the Physician Directory

If you know a doctor who’d like to be added to the Physician Directory, provide them with our form and have them return it to us. We want to grow our list of community resources!

Form for Neurosurgeon, Neurologist and Neuropsychologist

Questions for your Doctor

The relationship with your doctor is one of the most important elements in healthcare planning. It’s important to learn about a doctor’s credentials and experience as you decide who the right doctor is for you and your family. We’ve compiled questions to help guide you in the process of choosing your doctor. In addition to having questions prepared, ask a trusted friend or family member to join you during your doctor’s appointment. They can provide comfort, support, advocacy, and serve as a second set of ears. It’s also not unusual to audiotape your doctor appointment for future reference.

Other Resources and Tips

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    • Paula Schreiner
    • February 8, 2017

    This directory is out of date. The surgeon who performed my last surgery is on this directory -Dr Noel Tulipan was wonderful at Vanderbilt but has now passed away from cancer. Another issue is that Vanderbilt no longer accepts BCBS insurance.

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