Insurance Denials Block Woman with Hydrocephalus from Receiving Care

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Nikki Batsford fights state insurance denials in order to be seen out of state by experts in hydrocephalus who could relieve some very distressing symptoms of the condition. Mark Patinkin of the Providence Journal shares her battle.

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5 Comments for : Insurance Denials Block Woman with Hydrocephalus from Receiving Care
    • Theresa Satterfirld
    • November 8, 2017

    So hard to believe that a doctor makes the comment that every state has good doctors!! REALLY! We are sitting at Jefferson in Philadelphia because the Neurosurgeon in Delaware told my husband his PAs in De were getting weary dealing with him so he said come back in4 months and we will reassess your health!! Meanwhile he gets headaches every day! I’ve been told by many nurses that there are no good Neurosurgeon in Delaware!!!

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    You Might have a constitutional right to life and liberty, which would be the best help you can obtain. Contact a lawyer willing to take this to this to federal court. You would be helping everyone in the 700,000 with the misnameded NPH. its an orphan disease.

    • Veralyn
    • May 17, 2017

    It is a very sad statement of the condition of our government that in a developed nation such as ours this allowed to happen. I blame the ACA and the botched efforts to revamp it for not putting into place laws that would make health insurance companies provide coverage for care that would mean the difference between life and death no matter what!

      • DR
      • July 18, 2017

      its not the ACA. It is the insurance companies… Just wait and see how much worse it will be with ‘trumpcare’

      being treated out of state does not make much sense in a country where every state has good physicians

    • Theresa Terlouw
    • May 12, 2017

    SHAME ON YOU STATE INSURANCE!!!!! HOW DARE YOU TO DENY THE THIS WOMAN INSURANCE COVERAGE FOR HYDROCEPHALUS!!!! I suffer from Hydrocephalus and it’s a horrible disease!!! You the INSURANCE company should not deny anyone suffering disease,!!!!!

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