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A Call to Action for Teens Living with Hydrocephalus!

We all know that raising awareness of hydrocephalus is an extremely important task. Everyone needs to know that hydrocephalus can strike anyone, anytime; and that its primary treatment—the shunt—is far from perfect. If you are a teen living with hydrocephalus, we want your help!

Change often begins with the teenager. Teens have energy, they have enthusiasm and they definitely have creativity. If you are a teenager living with hydrocephalus, or are a sibling or close friend of someone who lives with hydrocephalus we want to hear from you!

We Want to Hear from YOU!

Teens Take Charge is a new Hydrocephalus Association (HA) program. We have created a place for teens to talk via Facebook and Twitter; go check it out! JOIN US AND HELP CREATE A COMMUNITY OF TEENS MAKING CHANGES HAPPEN.

We are inviting Teens Take Charge Facebook members to guest blog on the Hydrocephalus Association site.

The Teens Take Charge Advisory Council is made up of ten articulate, creative, enthusiastic teenagers who are ready and willing to take a stand against hydrocephalus! Follow them as they post updates, talk about the Advisory Council and Teens Take Charge Program. Please meet the Advisory Council: Ashley Snyder, Nicole Padron, Elijah Lawrence, Megan Rivkin, Chiara Rocciola, Wyatt Barris, Madeleine Darowiche, Harrison Silver, Madison Pardi and Lexi Rocciola.

Become a Force for Advocacy!

Want to become a hydrocephalus activist? Want to learn what to say to the people in Washington and elsewhere who control research funding for hydrocephalus? Want to learn how to create and deliver effective and persuasive messages advocating for better treatments and a cure?

JOIN THE FIGHT, TELL YOUR STORY AND HELP US TO RAISE FUNDS. Our goal is to raise $100,000 by June, 2012, hold our first-ever “Teens Take Charge” workshop for teens in Washington, DC, and then take Capitol Hill by storm with our message. Please go here to donate and help us reach that goal.

Making the transition from childhood to adulthood can be tricky for anyone, but when you are living with a chronic health condition, it is extremely important that you learn to stand up for yourself, and get what you need. Teens Take Charge will help! Use what you have learned and help us spread the word that we need better treatments and a cure—in Washington, DC and everywhere else!

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