SAT and ACT Survival Tips

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As many young adults in our community prepare to take their ACTs and SATs, we wanted to take a moment to put your minds at ease with some helpful suggestions, tips and insight from one of your fellow peers, Madeleine Darowiche.

HA: What was your experience with taking the SAT and ACT?

MD: I have taken the SAT as well as the ACT. Each test had things I liked as well as things I disliked. My strong point has always been literature, but math has always been a weakness for me. To me, the SAT had easier grammar and reading. However, I thought the math was pretty difficult. The ACT had reading that was more challenging, but I found the math a bit easier. There was also a science section on the ACT, which was mainly interpreting graphs and diagrams which was difficult for me. Unfortunately, you can’t take scores from each test.

HA: What advice, tips or suggestions would you give your peers?

MD: I have never been a great test taker, but one of my biggest tips is to just relax. I had previously heard mixed views on each test, as I’m sure others have as well. My advice is to take both tests, possibly several times, which is what I will be doing, and find which one works best for you. I have found that ACT and SAT test websites are terrific resources in helping in the studying process. Even though these tests are critically important for applying to colleges, do not worry if you do not do as well as you had hoped, you can always take it again. It will all turn out okay in the end.

Good luck to everyone taking these tests, and remember, just think of it as a regular test!


National Center for Learning Disabilities:
The National Center for Learning Disabilities (NCLD) is committed to ensuring that all students with learning disabilities graduate from high school with a standard diploma—prepared for college and the workplace.

The ACT:
The ACT is committed to serving students with disabilities by providing accommodations appropriate to the student’s diagnosis. ACT has established policies regarding documentation of an applicant’s disability and the process for requesting accommodations. For more information please visit the Services for Students with Disabilities  and for details, see ACT Policy for Documentation to Support Requests for test Accommodations on the ACT.

The College Board:
The College Board is the organization that administers standardized tests that can be used in college admission and placement. To learn more about the accommodations for students with document disabilities visit:



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