Now you can take your entire hydrocephalus treatment history with you on your mobile device.

HydroAssist® is the first mobile app that allows you to record and store your hydrocephalus treatment history and access it when you need it from your mobile device or through your computer or laptop. Perfect for the individual living with hydrocephalus and the caregiver, alike, HydroAssist® allows you to:

  • Enter your current hydrocephalus treatments, including shunts, ETV, ETV/CPC and assistive devices, like an anti-siphon device.
  • Store multiple active treatments, for those patients treated with more than one shunt or with a shunt and an ETV.
  • Record changes to each individual treatment, including a setting change to your programmable shunt valve, a setting change to your anti-siphon device (ASD), or a surgical revision to your shunt.
  • Make treatments inactive, allowing you to maintain a history of your past treatments.
  • Store images from your MRI and/or Catscan.
  • Enter information about yourself or, if you are a caregiver, about the individual with hydrocephalus in the About Me section.
  • Store medical and emergency contacts for easy communication, particularly in the case of an emergency.
  • Download the app to multiple devices allowing parents, spouse, or a caregiver to have your latest information on their mobile device in case of emergency.
  • Access your information from your desktop or mobile device, for ease of data entry.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Your data is stored on a secure server, allowing you to access your information from a mobile device or a desktop. Your data is automatically backed up and stored for you. Accessing your information requires a unique username and password. It is the user’s responsibility to protect who has access to your login information.

Behind the App

HydroAssist® was developed by an adult neurologist, a pediatric neurosurgeon, a medical app developer, and a representative from the Hydrocephalus Association. Meet the members of our team. The app was tested by a focus group consisting of individuals living with hydrocephalus, parents, caregivers, and the staff of the Hydrocephalus Association, allowing for feedback and enhancements at each stage of development. We are grateful for the community’s involvement in the development of the app and look forward to continuing to enhance the app with your feedback in the future.

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