Hydrocephalus Awareness Month 2015 is HERE!

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Hydrocephalus Awareness Month 2015Tomorrow marks the beginning of Hydrocephalus Awareness Month, our month to raise awareness and educate the public about living with hydrocephalus. Throughout the month, the Hydrocephalus Association (HA) will be rolling out media and tools for you to use to help raise awareness. We are excited about what’s in store for our community this month. We hope you are, too, and that you get involved by taking part in one or more of the actions below!

Here are ways YOU can make an impact this #HAM2015:

1. WALK TO END HYDROCEPHALUS: The 2015 WALK season is in full swing! You can find a list of HA WALK events happening around the country by visiting our 2015 WALK schedule. We hope you can join one of our WALKS. If there is not a WALK nearby, consider doing your own Virtual WALK.

2. RAISE YOUR VOICE FOR CHANGE: Registration has been extended to THIS FRIDAY, October 4th, for the Rally for Medical Research. On September 16th and 17th, the Hydrocephalus Association will bring together hydrocephalus patients and family members, along with thousands of other patient advocates, to meet with House and Senate offices on Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C. as well as in local District Offices all around the country. Learn more here.

3. BE SOCIAL: Connect with the Hydrocephalus Association on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Google+Youtube and Pinterest. There will be a lot happening on social media this month. Don’t miss out on the FUN!

4. SHARE YOUR STORY! Let’s inspire our community and educate the general public through our stories. Write, video blog, or use drawings to share your journey with hydrocephalus. You can upload your story to our Share Your Story page. We’ll promote stories through Hydrocephalus Awareness Month and beyond. Click here to Share Your Story! For questions, email amanda@hydroassoc.org.

5. TURN THE COUNTRY BLUE! Step 1: put on a blue shirt. Step 2: print out one of these signs. CLICK HERE TO PRINT SIGNS. Step 3: Take a photo of yourself. Step 4: Post to our Facebook page with your STATE and #hydrocephalus. For example – Posting from the great state of Texas to raise #hydrocephalus awareness. #HAM2015. That’s it! The state with the most photos wins!

6. MARK YOUR CALENDARS FOR OUR 14TH NATIONAL CONFERENCEThe 14th National Conference on Hydrocephalus will take place in Minneapolis, Minnesota, on June 16-19, 2016. Website coming soon! Learn more here.

7. KEEP INFORMED: Every month we send out a monthly eNewsletter with the latest updates on hydrocephalus research, HA’s programs and events, and hydrocephalus in the news. Sign up for our newsletter on our website or on our Facebook page.

8. MAKE BANNER STATEMENTS: Change your personal Facebook banner and your social media profile pics for Hydrocephalus Awareness Month! Go to the HA Facebook page and under photos you will find the Awareness Month Banners and Awareness Month Profile Pics photo albums full of fun graphics! Download the banner and/or profile pic you love to your computer and then upload it to our Facebook or Twitter profile. Email info@hydroassoc.org if you have questions or need help.

9. STAND UNITED FOR A CURE: Support the work of the Hydrocephalus Association through our annual membership campaign. Your gift will provide support and education and help transform bold research ideas into innovative treatments, giving us more ways to beat hydrocephalus and save lives. Please send your support today.

10. SHARE THE FACTS. CHANGE THE FUTURE: Share statistics and facts about hydrocephalus with your family and friends. We will be posting facts about hydrocephalus on our Facebook and Twitter pages throughout the month. We invite you to share these with others. You can also find facts on hydrocephalus and on the brain in our Facebook photo albums.

11. KNOWLEDGE IS POWER: We have downloadable publications on a wide range of topics including what is hydrocephalus, living with hydrocephalus, being an active decision maker around your medical care, necessary legal documents, and more. All of our original publications were created with input and extensive review by members of our Medical Advisory Board, so you can feel confident that the information is accurate and trustworthy. Click here to download all of the Association’s educational materials for FREE!

12. FIND YOUR COMMUNITYJoin your Local Community Network! If your area does not host community meetings or does not have a support group, take the reigns and make a difference! We’d love to help you start one in your local community. Contact info@hydroassoc.com to learn more.

13. TEENS TAKE CHARGE: Are you between the ages of 12 to 25? Take charge by joining HA’s Teens Take Charge (TTC) community! It’s time to let your voices be heard! For more information on TTC, click here. Don’t forget to “like” and “follow” TTC on Facebook and Twitter!

14. LEAVE A LASTING GIFT: The Fudge Solomon Legacy Society provides an opportunity for supporters to ensure the association’s research, support, advocacy and education programs continue into the future through a gift to HA in wills, trusts or estate plans. For more information, please email development@hydroassoc.org.

15. VOLUNTEER OR LEAD! Are you interested in becoming a leader for the cause? Or volunteering for the association? Contact us! We are always looking for passionate, dedicated volunteers to help us at our events or with some of our programming and to expand our Community Network and WALK program. Our staff can provide you with all the resources you need to get started and there are a rich group of seasoned volunteers ready to help you at every turn. If you are interested in leading a WALK, support group or want to learn more about other volunteer opportunities at HA, please contact info@hydroassoc.com.

We want to hear your ideas to help the cause! E-mail us at info@hydroassoc.com.

The fight does not stop here nor does it stop today or this month! Join us on Facebook and tell us other things you have done this month to raise awareness of hydrocephalus.

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