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Educating your friends, family and social followers about hydrocephalus is easy! Simply use the graphics and facts from our Social Media Toolkit and post them on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and/or LinkedIn. Together we can increase public awareness about hydrocephalus and the impact it has on individuals and families!

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Use Our Facts to Educate Others

Knowledge is power. That’s why we’ve compiled 20 Powerful Facts About Hydrocephalus that you can copy and share on your preferred social media platforms. Most people don’t know that over 1 million Americans are currently living with hydrocephalus or that one of every 770 babies in the U.S. develop hydrocephalus annually. You can help increase public awareness about this condition by doing your part to educate your friends, family and social followers.


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Graphics and photos are important on social media. They make your social media posts more attractive and interesting, and increase the chances that your followers will like and share your post. Click on the graphic and save it to use them in your social posts.

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Sample Social Media Posts

Here are social sample social media posts you can use on your preferred social media platforms to educate others about hydrocephalus and to encourage them to get involved with the Hydrocephalus Association!

  • DYK that 1 of every 770 babies will develop #hydrocephalus each year, making it as common as Down’s syndrome? Donate to the Hydrocephalus Association, the nation's largest nonprofit funder of hydrocephalus research, so we can find a cure!
  • Ever heard of #hydrocephalus? It's a brain disorder that has no cure & can only be treated w/brain surgery. Join me and the over 1 million Americans living w/this condition to say it's time for a CURE! Learn more:
  • Around 700,000 older Americans are believed to have #NormalPressureHydrocephalus, but it's often misdiagnosed as #Alzheimers, #Parkinson’s or #dementia. When treated, #NPH patients can often get their lives back! Learn more:
  • I’m proud to support @HydroAssoc, which provides free support, education and cutting-edge research to find a cure for #hydrocephalus and improve the lives of those impacted by the condition. Learn more at:

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The Hydrocephalus Association has an extensive library of educational and inspiring videos that you can share on social media. Download or share links to our videos with your friends and family!

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