Comprehensive Paper Addressing Transitioning to Adult Care Published in Journal of Neurosurgery

A new paper summarizing the findings from the Hydrocephalus Association’s first-ever Transition Summit was published in the prestigious Journal of Neurosurgery (JNS).  This marks the first time a major paper was published in an academic journal comprehensively highlighting the challenges faced by teens and young adults with hydrocephalus when transitioning from pediatric to adult care. Being published in JNS, the world’s leading journal in neurosurgery, is a big win for the hydrocephalus community and will go a long way towards educating medical providers about this important issue. The JNS reaches both pediatric and adult providers, all of whom will have crucial roles to play in improving transition.

HA’s Transition Summit, held in 2017, brought together adult and pediatric neurosurgeons, neurologists, pediatricians and other medical professionals, health system administrators, patients, and parents to discuss solutions to improve transitional and longitudinal care for adolescents and young adults with hydrocephalus. The Summit produced a set of consensus recommendations for improving care, which are outlined in the Transition Initiative Action Plan.

The Action Plan includes recommendations for hospitals, health systems, practices, professional societies, and HA itself. Recommendations aim to improve processes and infrastructure for transition and adult care; to improve training in both transition services and the medical and surgical management of hydrocephalus; to disseminate helpful information to patients and families, and to promote research that would demonstrate the effectiveness of systematic transition planning and longitudinal care. The JNS paper will help disseminate relevant recommendations to neurosurgeons and neurologists, hospitals, health systems, and medical societies, so as to ensure that our young adult patient population receives the longitudinal care they need to lead healthy and supported lives.

Click here to read the paper, “Improving Health Care Transition and Longitudinal Care for Adolescents and Young Adults with Hydrocephalus: Report from the Hydrocephalus Association Transition Summit.”

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