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Five Reasons to Register Early for WALKS

by Randi Corey, Hydrocephalus Association Director of Special Events

  1. You get your own WALK webpage:
    When you register online your own personal, WALK webpage is automatically generated. This includes a hyperlink (or URL) that you can email to family and friends asking them to sponsor you. Clicking on it takes your prospective donors to your WALK webpage – where they can sponsor you with a credit card. Raising money online is easy – and a great option for those who may be shy about asking someone in person.
  2. You’ll receive critical information:
    Approximately seven to ten days before the WALK, the Hydrocephalus Association (HA) sends every registered walker a letter with important information they need about the WALK. For instance, directions to the WALK site, what time to arrive, where to park, what to bring to the WALK, what NOT to bring to the WALK and much more! But we can’t send you this important information unless you’re registered!
  3. It makes the WALK easier to coordinate and more fun for everyone:
    Please have mercy on the Logistics Committee. All HA WALKs are 100% volunteer driven and coordinated – maximizing the amount of money going to HA’s mission (to eliminate the challenges of hydrocephalus.) This means that the folks organizing all of the details for the event are volunteers – people just like you, with jobs, families and a host of other responsibilities. HA is extremely fortunate (and grateful) to have volunteers – who make time in their busy lives – to coordinate HA WALKs. The logistics volunteers set up the site, plan the route, obtain food and beverages, recruit event-day volunteers – all of the things that go in to making every HA WALK a fun and safe day for everyone. When they don’t know how many are attending it makes their job extremely difficult.
  4. It just makes sense to register early:
    We need to have a rough approximation on how many people will be there! You may be thinking: “But it’s just me – it won’t matter if I don’t register – I’m just one person.” Which would be true, except for all of the other people thinking the same thing.  (True story: A recent WALK had 45 walkers registered the day before the event – over 200 showed up the day of the WALK!) So please remember those “behind the scenes” folks and try to make their job a bit easier!
  5. So everyone can participate in our community:
    HA needs every single person who is walking the day of the event to register – whether they are raising money or not. This is especially true in the case of a Family Team, where the entire family is walking but all of the donations are being attributed to one name. We hope all of our walkers raise money for HA’s mission – whether as individuals or as a family. And if everyone is registered, we can acknowledge their participation as appropriate.

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