Turn the Country Hydrocephalus BLUE!

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Hydrocephalus Awareness Month ChallengeLet’s turn the country hydrocephalus blue this Hydrocephalus Awareness Month!

Can we unite across the country to raise awareness and educate others through facts and messages about living with #hydrocephalus? We think so! So we are issuing a fun challenge.

Step 1: put on a blue shirt.

Step 2: print out one of the signs listed below. 

Step 3: Take a photo of yourself holding the sign. 

Step 4: Post to our Facebook page with your STATE and #hydrocephalus OR post to your Facebook page, but make sure you tag the Hydrocephalus Association so we receive the notification. Sample Post – Posting from the great state of Texas to raise #hydrocephalus awareness. #HAM2015.

That’s it!

We will keep count. When we receive 20 photos from the same state, we’ll turn your state a light blue. 40 and we turn your state, HA blue. At the end of the month, the state with the most photos wins. 

You have one more job. That is, to share all of the cool photos you see.

Together we will raise awareness and we WILL turn our country BLUE!


* Ideas for signs? Email alerts@hydroassoc.org. We might not get to all of them, but we will do our best!


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