Bonnie Blazer-Yost, PhD

2015 Innovator Award Recipient

TITLE:  Professor of Biology, Indiana University – Purdue University Indianapolis

GOAL:  Pharmacological regulation of cerebrospinal fluid.


Dr. Bonnie Blazer-Yost is a Professor of Biology at Indiana University – Purdue University Indianapolis. The research of Dr. Blazer-Yost has been focused on renal fluid regulation which she is now applying to cerebrospinal fluid regulation. In her study, Preclinical testing of TRPV4 Antagonists for the Treatment of Hydrocephalus, Dr. Blazer-Yost will test if a category of drugs can decrease ventriculomegaly and preserve brain structure and function in an animal model of hydrocephalus. This award was made possible through the generous support of Team Hydro.

See Dr. Blazer-Yost’s poster from the Hydrocephalus Association’s 2015 Vision Dinner.