Hydrocephalus and Your Medical Records

by Pip Marks, HA Director of Support and Education

Empowered patients are those who become active members of their healthcare team. Obtaining and keeping copies of your medical records including images (CT scans and MRIs) is good advice for any person receiving medical attention. For those who have hydrocephalus or other chronic conditions, it is even more crucial that these medical records are preserved. By keeping a copy of your records, you can reduce unnecessary duplication of tests and can assist new physicians or specialists in seeing the full picture of your health.

One option for storing and transporting your records to and from appointments is to purchase an art portfolio holder. These carrying cases are usually sold in art supply stores and can easily accommodate large images and documents while providing privacy and protecting the items from the elements. Another idea is to keep electronic copies of this information (password-protected) on a jump drive that you can easily take with you to appointments.

It is easiest if you ask for a copy of documents, images, and test results after each visit. It will save you from a headache later if you do not have to remember where and when a particular test was performed.

Thank you Genetic Alliance for this great tip!

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