Corporate Partners

The Hydrocephalus Association is fortunate to count on the support of several companies from a variety of industries. These companies help support our mission by providing funding for the Hydrocephalus Association – whether it’s for the organization in general, our innovative research program, support services for patients and their loved ones, educational programs, our biennial conference, or our awareness-raising activities. We are proud to work with them to find a cure for hydrocephalus and improve the lives of those impacted by the condition.


Aesculap, Inc.

Skilled Craftsmanship, quality and innovation have been a cornerstone of Aesculap, Inc. for more than 150 years. In partnership with Miethke, Aesculap works to provide ground breaking shunt valve solutions for the complex treatment of hydrocephalus.
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CereVasc, Inc. is developing the eShunt™ System for the treatment of patients with communicating hydrocephalus, one of the most common neurological conditions affecting both children and adults.
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Codman Specialty Surgical, an Integra LifeSciences Company

Codman Specialty Surgical, a Division of Integra LifeSciences, is a global leader in neurosurgery that combines the renowned brand of Codman with Integra’s leading advanced technologies and broad surgical instruments and lighting portfolio.
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Hyperfine, Inc. is the groundbreaking medical device company that created Swoop, the world’s first FDA-cleared portable MRI system. Hyperfine designed Swoop to enable rapid diagnosis and treatment of all patients regardless of income, resources, or location, pushing the boundaries of conventional imaging technology and expanding patient access to life-saving care. The Swoop Portable MR Imaging System produces high-quality images at a lower magnetic field strength, allowing clinicians to quickly scan, diagnose and treat patients in various point of care clinical settings. Swoop can be wheeled directly to the patient’s bedside, plugged into a standard electrical wall outlet, and controlled by a tablet. Designed as a complementary system to conventional MRIs at a fraction of the cost, Swoop captures images in minutes, providing critical decision-making capabilities in emergency departments, operating rooms, and intensive care units, among others.
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Locust Cider

Founded in 2015, Locust is based in Washington, specializing in one-of-a-kind flavors and innovative beverages made with real premium ingredients. We have a community of taprooms in Washington, Colorado, and Texas.

Children with Hydrocephalus are the toughest people we have found so far, and have made it our mission to use the company as a vehicle to improve their lives. A portion of proceeds are donated to the Hydrocephalus Association to support the founder’s daughter and all others living with this incurable brain condition.
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Longeviti Neuro Solutions

Longeviti is a Neuro Innovation company creating a Platform of novel medical devices. Utilizing the latest in Advanced Technology we are commercializing devices that provide a broad set of therapeutic benefits. Our mission is to extend the duration and quality of human life through advanced neurotechnology.
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As a global leader in medical technology, services and solutions, Medtronic improves the lives and health of millions of people each year. We use our deep clinical, therapeutic, and economic expertise to address the complex challenges faced by healthcare systems today. Let’s take healthcare Further, Together.
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Rudi Schulte Research Institute

The Rudi Schulte Research Institute, a not-for-profit private operating foundation established in 1974 by Rudi Schulte, conducts studies to elucidate and seek improved treatments for hydrocephalus and other neurological disorders. Dr. Robert Pudenz, a long-time board member of the Institute, passed away in 1998. The Robert Pudenz Lectureship was established in 1999 to acknowledge Dr. Pudenz’s work in the area of hydrocephalus and his overall contribution to the advances made in the diagnosis and treatment of pediatric neurological diseases.
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