Hydrocephalus Resource Library: Shunt Taps for Shunt Malfunction in Hydrocephalus

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hydrocephalus resource library logoEach week we will feature an article from our Hydrocephalus Resource Library. Since shunts are the mainstay treatment for hydrocephalus, we will begin with an interesting paper regarding malfunction and taps. Shunt malfunction can often be difficult to diagnose. MRI and CT scans are commonly used, but ventricle size does not always change in people with malfunctioning shunts. It is critical that further shunt studies be performed to assess shunt function.

We thank Drs. Rocque, Lapsiwala and Iskandar from the University of Wisconsin, Madison, dept. of Neurosurgery for this excellent paper.

Ventricular shunt tap as a predictor of proximal shunt malfunction in children: a prospective study

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