Welcome to the 2013 HA WALK season!

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2013 WALK LogoAnd so it begins…

Welcome to the 2013 HA WALK season! Our new year of HA WALKs and special events is underway. We are pleased to announce that we have 33 WALK sites this year plus the Virtual WALK, for people who don’t have a HA WALK in their area. Although the first WALK on the schedule is Portland on June 15th, many WALKs already have launched their web page. People are registering to participate and using HA’s online fundraising tools to raise money. It’s never too early to start.
Statistics show that participants who register and who start early have the best results. So don’t wait! A complete list of WALK locations is on HA’s WALK web page.

If you have a family member with hydrocephalus we hope you’re forming a Family Team to participate in your closest WALK site. If you’re a Team Captain keep an eye on your U.S. Postal Service mail after registering your team and team members online – for your 2013 Team Captain’s gift. It’s just a very small token of our appreciation for serving as a Team Captain for the 2013 WALK.

We are very excited to announce 6 new WALK locations this year:

• Baton Rouge, LA

• Buffalo/Rochester, NY

Charlotte, NC

Columbia, SC

Los Angeles, CA

• Northern New Jersey

If you live in one of these areas and are interested in participating in the WALK check HA’s web page for more information. Go to www.hydroassoc.com, select WALKs, select Schedule of WALKs, then choose the hyperlink to your local site. If you think you’d would like to explore the idea of helping with the event planning and organizing, please contact the volunteer WALK Chair. You can find the local Chair’s name and contact information under “Event Info” on the WALK site’s web page. You can also contact HA’s national office at info@hydroassoc.com and we’ll be happy to connect you with the local WALK Chair/Co-Chairs.

There is another change to the WALK roster: the former New Hampshire WALK, held in Londonderry, NH, and the former Cambridge, MA WALK have been combined to form the Greater New England HA WALK, encompassing all of the New England states! We hope our families living in New England will participate in this event – it’s going to be a great day.

As of this date, we also have two “Kids to Cure Hydrocephalus School WALKs” scheduled for this year –the Eugene Auer Elementary School WALK in Long Island (which will be held in October) and a new one outside of Minneapolis – the Legacy Christian Academy River WALK to benefit HA, scheduled for August 10th in Anoka, MN. The River WALK has a web page on HA’s Schedule of Events where you will find more information. If you’re interested in learning more about what goes into running a School WALK please contact me, Randi Corey, at randi@hydroassoc.com.

We are sorry to report that a few HA WALK sites will not be returning in 2013: Phoenix, AZ; Columbus, IN; Milwaukee, WI; Northern KY/Cincinnati and HA’s Snow Shoe WALK in Steamboat Springs, CO. In all of these cases the volunteer WALK Chair/Co-Chairs needed to step down from their leadership position and were unable to recruit new volunteers to take on these roles. But it’s not too late – if you or anyone you know would be interested in exploring the idea of Chairing one of these WALK sites, we’d love to talk with you. Please contact me at randi@hydroassoc.com and please include your phone number. I’d be delighted to explore this idea with you in greater detail.

If you’re participating in a HA WALK this year, we have many hints and tips to help you and your team members maximize your fundraising potential. Contact the HA national office by calling (888) 598-3789 Ext. 12 for any of these guides: HA WALKs – 12 Steps to Maximize Your Fundraising Potential, Raising Money with a Letter Writing Campaign-Top 10 Steps; HA Fundraising Ideas–A to Z or HA’s Family Teams Packet.

We look forward to seeing you at a HA WALK this year!

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