WALKS and Special Events


The first Hydrocephalus Association (HA) WALK was held in 1993 in San Francisco. Since then, the WALK program has grown tremendously and now accounts for 50% of HA’s annual revenue. More than 12,000 people participate across the US to connect the local hydrocephalus community and increase awareness of hydrocephalus and the Hydrocephalus Association.

Visit our WALK Schedule page for information about your local WALK. For more WALK information please contact us at walk@hydroassoc.org or call 888.598.3789 to speak with our team directly. If there’s not an HA WALK in your community, you can still participate as a “virtual walker.”

The HA WALKS are a 100% volunteer effort. Dedicated Chairs generously donate their time and energy to recruit local volunteers to assist with event planning and coordination. If you’re interested in starting an HA WALK in your area please contact HA’s WALK/Special Events department at (888) 598-3789 Ext. 21 or walk@hydroassoc.org. We recommend that new WALKs be located at least 100 miles or a two-hour drive from a currently already established, active WALK site.

HA WALK Sponsorship Opportunities

Local corporations and businesses are invited to provide corporate sponsorship of this important cause while enhancing their reputation as a good corporate citizen. For more information about sponsorship opportunities please contact HA’s WALK/Special Events department at 888.598.3789 or via email at walk@hydroassoc.org.

 School WALKS: Kids to Cure Hydrocephalus

HA’s Kids to Cure Hydrocephalus, or School WALKS, is an exciting way for kids to get involved with WALKS. Coordinated by volunteers, typically parents of children who live with the challenges of hydrocephalus, a School WALK is a fun and effective way to educate the kids in your community about the condition and another great fundraising tool. This is also a great opportunity for students with community service commitments. The HA staff and the Kids to Cure Hydrocephalus Kit will help you and your child plan and organize your own School WALK! Less time and labor intensive than a larger HA community WALK this is a great option for parents of children with hydrocephalus with limited time but who still want to help make a difference. It’s also proven to be a very empowering experience for children with hydrocephalus. Although most often conducted when a child with hydrocephalus is of elementary school age it can be held for kids of any age. Dylan Johnson, a Minnesota teenager led a School WALK as part of his senior project and raised more than $7,000 for HA and its mission.

Hydrocephalus Association Special Events

Hydrocephalus Association special events are also volunteer initiated and coordinated. Special events include Team Hydro’s annual Sharkfest swim, bake sales, Trick-or-Treat for HA, 5K runs or Birthday Bashes. These HA special events are conducted as “third party” fundraisers, which means that the volunteer organizer collects all of the revenue, pays any expenses from the revenue and then sends the net proceeds to the Hydrocephalus Association. The WALK/Special Events department offers the HA Third Party Event Guide, and if you have questions or would like to speak with our team you can contact us at 888.598.3789 or via email at walk@hydroassoc.org.

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