URGENT: Contact Your Congressman Today Regarding NIH Funding

In the face of the budget crisis, we have been very concerned that Congress would cut the budget for the National Institutes of Health which are the largest funders of hydrocephalus research.  Fortunately, the House of Representatives released their version of the Appropriations Bill for Labor Health and Human Services recommending an INCREASE for the NIH budget.  Please read the attached letter from the American Brain Coalition of which Hydrocephalus Association is a member organization and follow the instructions for contacting your Congressional representatives TODAY.  This simple action on your part creates opportunity for hydrocephalus researchers over the next year.


Dear American Brain Coalition Member Organizations:

Recently, the Chair of the House Appropriations Subcommittee for Labor, Health and Human Services released his funding recommendation for NIH, which included a $1 billion increase above the FY11 level. This is a tremendous success for health research advocates and your advocacy efforts played a role in making this possible.

Now is the time for ABC members — and your individual members — to contact House and Senate members and urge that NIH be properly funded in any final agreement that is reached on the FY12 Labor-HHS-Education Appropriations bill.  Currently, there is a difference between the House and Senate bills. The House produced a bill that funds NIH at $31.7 billion, accepting the $1.0 billion increase over FY11 funding that was recommended by the President.  The Senate bill, on the other hand, funds NIH at $30.5 billion, a $200 million reduction below current levels.

Please contact your Members of Congress today to request that any bill passed this year would support the House bill’s funding request for NIH of $31.7 billion. This is the minimum amount needed to at least maintain the current level of support for biomedical research in the United States.

The American Brain Coalition asks that you share this information with your own members so they can demonstrate the brain community’s strong support for NIH in FY12.  We are pleased to provide CapWiz, our online legislative action center, to make it as easy as possible to contact your Representatives.  Please visit: http://capwiz.com/americanbraincoalition/home

There will be a blue ‘Take Action!’ box with two items.  Click on “Ask Congress to Support NIH Funding in FY 2012” and follow the steps.

For those organizations that have their own online outreach software, please share your response numbers with me in coming weeks.  We appreciate your help in this important effort.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.


Allison Wainick Kupferman
Government and Public Affairs Director
The American Brain Coalition
Tel: 716-625-6761
E-mail: akupferman@americanbraincoalition.org
Follow us on Twitter: @AmericanBrainCo 
7 Comments for : URGENT: Contact Your Congressman Today Regarding NIH Funding
    • Mahesh Patel
    • November 9, 2011

    I have 10 years old daughter who was diagnosed with Hydraucephalus when she was 6 months old. Very hard feelings and life. Always worried. One shunt implant and 2 revisions, still complains of pain. Please let our elected officials know that funding for reaserch is very important.

    • slimmerkitty
    • October 20, 2011

    I am a mother of a 13 year old boy who was just diagnosed last week and had the shunt placement…..i am going through so many emotions and dont know which way to turn.. thanks
    Brandy (Kashawn’s MOM)

    • joanne
    • October 17, 2011

    With your help I contacted my local legislators. Got a response from Allen West saying he would let me know how it goes. I would like to contact Debbie Wasserman Schultz, who is a congressperson also in south Florida, would like to send her the same info but could not figure how to do it Your help would be appeciated. Thanks in advance. Joanne Woodard

  1. Reply

    I have a 33 year old daughter who was diagnosed with adult-onset hydrocephalus several years ago. At the time she was 22 years old. She would not and still will not have the shunt surgery because of the location of the vessel and the possibility of her death during surgery. As her mother, I too was and still am very concerned about the death possibility during surgery; but, as I watch her going about her daily life, I am scared also. If continued research could improve the present shunt surgery OR if another technique might be discovered, then my daughter would have a second opportunity to live normally. PLEASE, PLEASE HELP THOSE IN GOVERNMENT REALIZE HOW IMPORTANT FUNDING IS TO SO MANY PEOPLE LIVING DAILY WITH HYDROCEPHALUS AND ITS ISSUES!

    Thank you from all mothers who have this same concern for their children or loved ones.

    • Elizabeth Norris
    • October 6, 2011

    As someone who is twenty years old and I have been affected by Hydrocephalus since I was 4 weeks old. I am very eager to see that NIH gets more funding then it does currently. I am urge for any bills to be passed regarding the NIH. I love to raise awareness about Hydrocephalus, but I am discouraged when there is low amounts of funding. So many families and individuals are affected daily with this condition, but yet government does not place importance on this important matter.

    • John Woods
    • October 5, 2011

    I was born with hydrocephalus in 1945 and had to live a terrible life, and I wish Congress could do more to help children and adults with this disability. We have billions in foreign aid, but never enough money to help people here in our own country. This is a tragedy! Thanks

    • victoria
    • October 5, 2011

    I am a grandmother of a beautifull 12 moth baby girl who was diagnosed with NIH at premature birth. She underwent 2 brain surgeries and has a permanent shunt inserted in her brain. Please, do whatever it takes to keep research alive.

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