Trick or Treat for HA!

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Two-pumpkinsOn this Friday the 13th, the Hydrocephalus Association (HA) announces a new fundraising initiative…It’s Trick or Treat for HA! This fun idea was brought to HA by Orange County, California, volunteer Heather Kluter. The basic concept of the initiative is for kids to take donation collection boxes with them when trick-or-treating, asking for donations to support educational outreach programs and hydrocephalus research initiatives. Heather also made this an “educational” opportunity about hydrocephalus, making a presentation about the condition to the students in the participating schools.

The initiative started last year, when Heather ran a “pilot project” to test the initiative. It was held in three schools – two private schools and one public school – and raised over $2,300. Heather put the event together in three weeks with 1-2 other people helping. From this pilot project, Heather has worked with Randi Corey, HA’s Director of Special Events, to formalize a program for volunteers that includes instructions and resources to get started.

Obviously, one of the most important components is obtaining “buy-in” from the school, allowing it to be promoted in the school. During in the pilot project, Heather also learned some valuable lessons that have helped to structure the initiative. From Heather’s lessons learned, we have compiled a list of best practices that will be distributed to volunteers who want to join this fundraising team.

Would you like to get involved?

HA would love to have volunteers in other places get involved with Trick or Treat for HA events. HA will provide materials (collection boxes, fliers, posters) and the “how to.” We’re also seeking one or two Volunteer Chairs to take the lead on this event at a national level — working with other volunteers across the country conducting Trick or Treat for HA. If you are interested in learning more about this fundraising initiative, or are interested in taking a leadership role, please contact Randi Corey at Please use “Trick or Treat” as the Subject line when emailing. Thanks!


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