There are a million reasons to walk….HA WALKs Update!

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By Randi Corey, HA Director of Special Events

New WALK Chair’s Training Meeting:

hydrocephalus association walk logo and linkIn February Hydrocephalus Association held the 2nd annual training meeting for HA’s New WALK Chairs in Charlotte, NC.  New Chairs included Shawn and Julie Robinson (starting a new WALK in Northern Kentucky/Cincinnati), Genia Hastings and Melissa Arsenault (taking on a new WALK in Nashville), Margaret Powers (starting a Houston, Texas WALK), Patti Lampien (re-starting a dormant Wisconsin WALK), Dan and Sara Naragon (new Chairs for our established Greater Detroit area WALK) and Christy Ruth (who hopes to start a WALK in Charlotte, NC next year if she can recruit some help.)  Also joining us for the 2-day meeting were “New Chair Mentors,” Mia Padron (HA’s Long Island WALK Chair) and Phyllis Rogers (our Denver WALK Chair.)  Phyllis and Mia have volunteered to serve as mentors for all of our New Chairs – giving them the benefit of their vast experience with HA WALKs!  I think it’s safe to say that a good time was had by all – while at the same time everyone buckled down and did some serious work – learning all about coordinating a HA WALK.  There are a lot of components and moving parts for your local WALK to be successful and HA wants all of its volunteers to get off to a great start!

Veteran WALK Chair’s Training Meeting:

Four weeks later, in March, HA held the 2nd annual training meeting for HA’s Veteran WALK Chairs.  The attendance was amazing with Chairs and Co-Chairs of WALKs from all across the US, including: Albuquerque (NM), Atlanta (GA), Birmingham (AL), Cambridge (MA), Chattanooga (TN), Columbus (IN), Denver (CO), South Florida, Fresno (CA), Hartford (CT), Hershey/Harrisburg (PA), Londonderry (NH), Long Island (NY), Louisville (KY), Phoenix (AZ), Portland (OR), Salt Lake City (UT), San Francisco (CA), St. Louis (MO), Steamboat Springs (CO), Wichita (KS) and Wisconsin.

The group soon got down to business reviewing last year’s results (In 2011 HA WALKS and special events grew 65% — from $642,000 to $1,030,000 – thanks to everyone in that room and all of HA’s Chairs/Co-Chairs!)  A hot topic of discussion was how to grow and expand the WALKs – with special emphasis on increasing Family Teams (and the importance of recruiting a Family Teams Chair.*) The 2012 WALK materials and incentive prizes were unveiled with Chair’s having the opportunity to see samples of this year’s walker incentive prizes (long sleeved T-shirt, zip-up hoodie, a folding camp chair, duffle bag, Cougar jacket and more…).

We are very grateful to each and every one of the partners who made it to these trainings. We look forward to working together for another successful WALK season. If you would like to volunteer for a WALK event contact HA’s staff.

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