Superbowl Champ to Keynote Hydrocephalus Conference

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We are excited to announce our Inspirational Keynote Speaker for our 2016 National Conference on Hydrocephalus. Mr. Taurean Nixon!

Taurean Nixon Denver BroncosTaurean Nixon is currently a cornerback for the Super Bowl Champion Denver Broncos. He attended college at Tulane University and played for the Green Wave before he was drafted by the Broncos in the 2015 NFL Draft. Born in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Taurean remains close to his family. His younger brother, TJ, was born with hydrocephalus and is now 4 years old. TJ inspires Taurean to be an active member of his Denver community. Taurean can often be found in the pediatric wing of the local hospital visiting children and their families and was named the Denver Broncos 2015 Community Rookie of the Year for his commitment to the community. Supporting TJ through his journey with hydrocephalus and the numerous hospital stays and surgeries gives Taurean a personal connection to the kids and families he visits.

Learn more about Taurean Nixon on the official website of the Denver Broncos.

USA Today profiles Taurean’s work in the community.

Learn more and join us at our National Conference on Hydrocephalus in June!

  1. Taurean,
    Thank-you so much for coming to the Hydrocephalus Conference! your key note speech, was inspiring and amazing! the courage strength and dedication and love and support you showed to your brother and your family! Your loyalty to the team and school, while going though a ruff part of life and choices you had to make. I feel you made all the right choices and have showed everyone stick to hat you believe in and do your best and things will work out!!! Your are amazing to have such a wonderful out look and to do and be all that you can. to share your story and to help not only your brother but all of us living with Hydrocephalus and to want to work with the Hydrocephalus Association to bring about awareness and to make a difference! I thank- you for the hospital visits you made great use of your time and made so many children and their families very happy to have that special visit from you!!! I am pleased to have met you and some of your family members- your step Mom and sisters! It was nice speaking with you and them! I look forward to seeing what is next. Thank you so much! Sandy Linville

    • Sheryl
    • May 30, 2016

    I think that is awesome. I am not a child but I had a head injury at age 6 and was saved. But in 2004 they discovered I had hydrocephalus . I had a vp shunt placements. So once again they saved my life! Bless you and your family.

    • Anna Kedoin
    • May 24, 2016

    Hi Taurean Nixon,

    Good job with your brother. You and your family must learn to identify when a shunt is not working.
    When shunt is not working he will not know how to do the things he always did. You and your family have to pick up on this. When the shunt is not working your brother can’t tell you this, because his brain is not working correctly. I hope this helps some.

    • Eileen havey
    • May 13, 2016

    My son, Brian, 25 years old born with hydrocephalus hAs been the team Manager for our local high school football team for 13 years. Brian has been included in teams that have won county championships and Long Island championships. How special to have a pro football player as keynote speaker

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