Pam Finlayson


Team Hydro

Board Member Since 2015


Pam Finlayson has been involved in the hydrocephalus community for over 30 years, since her daughter Kate acquired the condition following a brain hemorrhage suffered as a premature infant. During Kate’s lifetime (in which she endured over 130 surgeries to combat her hydrocephalus), Pam became familiar with the wide-ranging challenges with which families and patients affected by hydrocephalus must struggle–from ever-changing medical, developmental, physical and educational needs, to the difficulty of simply finding appropriate information, treatment and support when dealing with a poorly understood, yet life-threatening, condition.

Along with her two adult sons, Peter and Sam, Pam helped organize and currently serves as an officer for Team Hydro, a dedicated group of swimmers, on-land supporters, and  volunteers with a mission to raise the awareness and funds to support the research required to understand, develop better treatment options, and, ultimately, find a cure for hydrocephalus. Team Hydro has organized and inspired hundreds of swimmers, from ages 4 to 72 and proficiency levels ranging from beginners with kickboards to NCAA champions and Olympic athletes, to become impassioned to get in the water and swim in support of hydrocephalus awareness and research. Founded in 2008, Team Hydro has sought to promote and financially support the Hydrocephalus Association’s Research efforts by organizing Team Hydro’s participation in mostly swim related events, including annual open water swims from Alcatraz to San Francisco, and across the Boston Harbor.  Team Hydro also co-sponsors  Swim for Hydrocephalus Events with school-age group swim teams from across the U.S.,  including California, Georgia, and Maryland. Since its founding, Team Hydro has raised almost 3/4 million dollars for the cause.

Pam has been a devoted vocal advocate for all hydrocephalus patients and has spoken to school, church, medical, and community groups on issues relating to the condition. In 2012, she was invited to speak at the Republican National Convention, sharing her story with millions of households across the nation. A former math and science teacher, Pam also currently volunteers her time as a mentor for high school students in the under-served community of Richmond in the San Francisco bay area. Pam is honored to be a member of the Hydrocephalus Association Board and is passionate about working to ensure that every patient and family has access to the information, treatment, and support they need to live meaningful and productive lives while living with the challenges of hydrocephalus.

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