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dawn mancusoAs I sit down to write this blog, my mind is full with plans, hopes, and dreams for this New Year. 2013 is the Hydrocephalus Association’s 30th Anniversary year, and the staff and board wants to spend some time in the next 12 months commemorating the rich legacy built by all of our volunteers, celebrating the robust community we have come together to foster, and recommitting our resources to end the challenges of hydrocephalus.

Now, tradition tells us that gifts given on a 30th wedding anniversary should be made of pearl, a thing of natural beauty resulting from a living organism’s bodily response to adversity, an intruder, an irritant. Forgive me, but I can’t help but exploit the metaphor.

Now, we all know that hydrocephalus is more than an ordinary irritant. Every day, it risks patients’ lives and wreaks havoc with their livelihood and quality of life, and that of their family members. Treatment in the United States alone costs millions, if not billions, of health care dollars each year. Furthermore, these costs don’t include the costs of lost productivity and benefit to our society from patients coping with the effects of the condition.

So where do we find our pearl? As mentioned above, the staff and board here at the Hydrocephalus Association is hard at work putting plans in place for 2013 that we anticipate will bring HOPE and RESILIENCE to all those we serve: special educational opportunities that will keep you informed about the latest ground-breaking research into new treatments; new online resources that you will be able to access 27/7/365; and new opportunities for you to participate with us to help make a difference.

Please watch this space as we roll out these exciting new plans. However, we hope you will do more than watch. Please make this New Year a year of action – get involved and help us eliminate hydrocephalus from the human experience – or, at least, turn it into nothing more than a pesky irritant.

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