Reflections From “Boozle Bear Sew-a-Thon” Event Participant

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Maggie Newman

Guest Blogger: Maggie Newman

I am a 19 year old sophomore currently attending Virginia Commonwealth University. I have had hydrocephalus since I was 4 because of a brain tumor, but I was fortunate to have few complications up until the last year or so. I recently found out about the Hydrocephalus Association, and I attended my first event associated with HA on September 30th, 2017.

My mom, my boyfriend, and I helped out at the Boozle Bear Sew-A-Thon in Richmond VA. I had a great time making all the parts of my bear as well as meeting other people who understand the medical ailments I have been dealing with. The group was very supportive and I am happy that I met so many of them while making the bears!

This opportunity was also beneficial to me; because, I am a clinical laboratory science major and it is my plan to one day work in a research lab, specifically researching hydrocephalus. Meeting David Roberts from the Hydrocephalus Association at the event has led me to find summer internship options to help me reach my goal. The Boozle Bears were fun to help make, and I hope they help children who have similar backstories to mine understand their condition, as well as raise money for the research I will one day be conducting.

Read About the Boozle Bear-Sew-A-Thon Event HERE

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    • Jayne
    • October 26, 2017

    It was lots of fun showing some of the kids how to use the sewing machine to make these adorable bears! HA chair people Annie Mason and Kayleigh Brodeur are gems for organizing this event! I would help again in a heart beat💗

  1. Reply

    Thanks for the “shout-out” Maggie!

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