Practice Random Acts of Kindness

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Valentine’s Day brings to mind cards, chocolates, teddy bears, romantic dinners, and bouquets of red roses. While consumerism has focused the holiday on romantic tokens of affection, at its core Valentine’s Day is a day that is dedicated to unconditional love – reminding each of us in our busy lives
to stop and take note of all the people we love…and who love us in return; those that give to us without expectation, and to whom we give back from our hearts.

When one lives with a chronic health condition such as hydrocephalus, either as an individual or as a caregiver, we receive tokens of love in all sorts of wrappings and packages and usually throughout the year – a hug of support, a ride to the hospital, a shaky first step taken by a toddler, a reassuring smile from a surgeon, a new friendship made at a WALK, a supportive voice at the other end of the phone, a breakthrough in research, and the list goes on. And in return we give back – to those people and organizations that give unconditionally to us, whether we personally know them or just read about them in an article or blog.

This Valentine’s Day, as we rush out to buy cards and candy, let’s also take a moment to focus within our own community. We are a community of patients, caregivers, medical professionals, scientists, associates, and friends. There are many ways to show our love and care to the community.

Send Love Letters. Skip Hallmark. Send cards to people and organizations that are doing good for you or the world. Ideas include your neurosurgeon, neurologist, nurse, physical therapist, caregiver, social worker, teacher…etc. We have created an easily printable card for you to write a message of appreciation, sign, and mail. Click here to download our cards!

Create Connections. Join us in Portland, Oregon, July 9-11, 2014! It’s the 13th National Conference on Hydrocephalus. Our conference provides current information by experts in the field of hydrocephalus.  It is a great opportunity to make life-long friendships and a platform to reinforce the sense of community.

Expand Your Opportunities. Apply for a $1,000 educational scholarship. For more information click here.

Keep in Touch. Every month we send out a monthly newsletter via email. If you have not signed up or have stopped receiving it, please sign up again today! Click here to sign up.

WALK for a Cure. Join an HA WALK in your area this year. For our list of 2014 WALKS, click here. No WALK? Do a Virtual WALK in your own neighborhood! Click here to learn about our Virtual WALK program.

Will You Be My…Community Network Chair? Or new WALK Chair? We would love to expand our Community Network and our WALK program. Our staff can provide you with all the resources you need to get started. There is a rich group of seasoned volunteers ready to help you at every turn. Contact to learn about volunteer opportunities with HA.

Shout It OUT. Romantic movies encourage us to profess our love from rooftops. The social media equivalent? Change your Facebook profile cover photo! Upload one of our hydrocephalus banners to your profile. Go to our Facebook photo albums and click on the album titled Hydrocephalus Cover Photos.

Spread Knowledge. Some say that knowledge is the greatest gift you can give. Share the Hydrocephalus Resource Library (HRL) with someone today! If you have your own website or Pinterest account, consider placing our HRL button on your page and linking it back to our library. Email for more information.

Advocate. Do you have experience working with in the offices of an elected official, at either a national or state level? Have you ever been engaged professionally in the field of advocacy? We want you! The Board of Directors of HA has recently chartered its Advocacy Committee to work on issues of interest and concern to the hydrocephalus community in an issues-oriented, non-partisan way. If you are interested in serving on the committee, please submit an application via email to Click here to download the application.

Tweet, Tweet, Tweet Goes the Beat of My Heart! Are you following us on Twitter? If not, sign up! If so, then one of the best ways you can help spread the word about hydrocephalus and help us educate the general public is to retweet our tweets out to the Twitter world!

Give the Gift of Love. Donate $14 a month in honor of someone you love! Your donation supports our essential support and education programs as well as our research initiatives. Click here to set up a recurring donation online.

Link in. Are you on LinkedIn? So are we! Link to our company page.

Be EXTREME! Do you run marathons? Climb mountains? Compete in triathlons? Skate on a roller derby team? Swim in competitions? Ride bulls? We think you get the point! If you are someone who participates in sporting and athletic events, think about using it as an opportunity to raise awareness for hydrocephalus and funds for HA. We can create a personal fundraising page for your next event or competition where friends and loved ones can sponsor you. Email if you’d like more information.

Think Young Love. Share and connect with other young adults on our Teens Take Charge (TTC) Facebook page and Twitter. For more information contact

Perform Small Acts of Kindness. Did you know that February 10-16 is the 14th annual Random Acts of Kindness Week? Challenge yourself to perform one act of kindness daily through the 18th. Visit for hundreds of ideas. Then share YOUR act of kindness on our Facebook page.

Build Community. Attend a Community Network event in your area. Our Community Network provides localized support, education and empowerment. Attend educational events, support group meetings and other gatherings that enable individuals and families to connect and build your local community. For more details please contact or visit our community page.

Share Hope. Share our newest video about hydrocephalus to friends and family. Let’s help educate the public on hydrocephalus and the 1 million Americans living with this condition. Click here to watch the video on our YouTube station then share it on Facebook, Twitter, and email.

“Remember there’s no such thing as a small act of kindness. Every act creates a ripple with no logical end.”

Scott Adams (1957)
Creator Of Dilbert Comic Strip


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