Jason Preston

Dent the Future

Board Member Since 2015

Jason is the co-founder of Dent, which creates unique experiences that demystify the skills and techniques behind groundbreaking success. Through his research at Dent, he has spent time with dozens of entrepreneurs and leaders, including Pixar co-founder Alvy Ray Smith, Lynda.com founder Lynda Weinman, The North Face founder Hap Klopp, and Indiegogo co-founder Danae Ringelmann. Before co-founding Dent, Jason was Vice President of Strategy and Development at Parnassus Group, where he helped build award-winning events that took bloggers on private jet flights and featured celebrities like William Shatner, Jamie Lynn-Sigler, and Joseph Gordon Levitt.

Jason has a three year old son with Hydrocephalus. Like many people whose lives are affected by the condition, Jason was amazed to discover that there is no cure for Hydrocephalus and that the best modern medical technology produces results less reliable than a standard pool pump from the 1970s.
The challenges involved in finding a cure — or even just improving the shunt — are varied and difficult, requiring skills and ingenuity in engineering, medicine, and neuroscience. But they are also fascinating, engaging, and eminently solvable. Jason believes that a cure for Hydrocephalus can be found with an engaged and creative public, awareness of what it is like to live with hydrocephalus, and strong support for scientific research.

Jason is a compelling speaker and writer. He has been on stage at a number of events including Future in Review, Ignite Seattle, and CES. He has given private presentations to  organizations ranging from K&L Gates to the Seattle Chamber of Commerce. His written work has been published in Geekwire, Seattle Business Magazine, Crosscut, and elsewhere.