Cliff Goldman

Executive Chairman
Carnegie Fabrics
Roslyn, New York

Board Member Since 2013

Cliff Goldman is Owner and President of Carnegie Fabrics Inc. a family business started by his father in 1950. The company designs, markets and sells textiles for commercial buildings including offices, hotels, hospitals and educational facilities around the globe. His primary clients are professional interior designers and architects who are responsible for the interior design of these buildings. His experience includes travel abroad for sourcing, attending and speaking at conferences for 30 years.

Goldman’s youngest daughter was diagnosed with hydrocephalus at six months of age and underwent surgery to implant a shunt. She has been through multiple hospitalizations and surgeries over her 20 years. While she is treated in New York City, his family has traveled to visit a number of doctors over the years to search for opinions and options relating to her condition.

Goldman is well-versed in many of the challenges people with hydrocephalus face, including many of the more subtle non-medical challenges. He is very interested in the Association’s emphasis on research on the causes and more advanced treatments for hydrocephalus as well as HA’s efforts to raise visibility and to communicate the challenges the community faces to a broader and more influential audience.