Andreas Linninger, PhD

2015 Innovator Award Recipient

TITLE:  Professor of Chemical Engineering, University of Illinois at Chicago

GOAL:  Restore cerebrospinal fluid transport.


Dr. Andreas Linninger is a Professor of Chemical Engineering at the University of Illinois at Chicago. Dr. Linninger is focused on fluid dynamics and microelectronic device design. In his study, Molecular Intervention for Brain Water Regulation in Hydrocephalus, Dr. Linninger will use a novel microfluidic platform to quantify the amount and speed of water flux through aquaporin-4 channels, which are present in the brain and are involved in fluid regulation. This work will create the foundation to test drug interventions to increase fluid flow. This award was made possible through the generous support of Team Hydro.

See Dr. Linninger’s poster from the 2015 Vision Dinner!